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Rob Regal
Family Life Radio

What We Say / What She Hears



From my office I am able to hear our radio signal from the hallway.  Just now, while typing an outline for a presentation, I was startled by our on-air talent describing her 17 year old autistic son.  I never knew she had a 17 year old autistic son!


She doesn’t. 


But, now, she had my attention!


This talent drew me out of my Microsoft Word-induced fog and into the story of a listener with a 17 year old autistic son.  I highly doubt that this was intentional.  But it did cause me to think about how we, as professional communicators, could capture such lightning in a bottle. 


Someone once said not to judge someone until we’ve walked a mile in their shoes.  Maybe the application for us is to not open the mic until we’ve imagined ourselves in her place.  Reminds me of the John Frost story about writing a phone number in the dashboard dust.


Just thinking out loud.  Back to my outline!


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