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Matt Stockman
OndaPaz Radio 93.2 FM Barcelona, Spain

Being 3 Dimensional





Since heading to the mission field to serve the Lord at a Christian radio station in Spain, I  regularly take time to listen to other Christian stations around the world, sometimes for inspiration, to hear what new music is out there, or just to feel a connection with home. One air talent I heard was particularly gifted at crafting each on-air break to sound like a mini-devotional, always positive, always warm and encouraging. After just a few breaks, I must admit, I was completely uninspired, and frankly a little frustrated… and I quickly moved on. The reason? Because no one is really like that in real life...

Your listener has real life happening around her at 90 miles an hour, worried about bad hair days, getting the kids school project to the school in one piece, why the men’s tribe would EVER willingly give the immunity idol to the women’s tribe, and getting the house cleaned before the in laws come on Friday. There are moments in her life that are reflective, contemplative, and spiritually focused, but not every moment.

Our shows should reflect this... in other words, portray life in 3 dimensions. Do you have moments of humor, moments of spiritual focus, moments of being a good neighbor, moments of frustration over parenting challenges, moments of information? Or does your listener only hear 1 dimension, like yet another wacky phoner topic, contest after contest, your continuous “mugging” for your co-hosts laugh, more ‘cool’ websites, or regular “Max Lucado” reflections? None of these dimensions are necessarily bad, but are they really what you want to be remembered by? If that’s primarily what she hears show after show, then soon that is all you will be to her.


I had a fantastic mentor coach me to always ask this question at the end of my show (which I now ask you…) “What did the listener learn about you that she didn’t know yesterday?” It doesn’t always have to be particularly deep or profound… simply revealing something like you love chocolate cake, or you have a fear of heights, is great because this principle works cumulatively. If you share something about yourself every day, sometimes light, sometime more personal and deep, at the end of 1 year, even a casual listener will know dozens of things about you, many of which will be things she shares in common with you. (and coincidentally, things she doesn’t know about your 1 dimensional competition!)


Think about your spouse for a moment… chances are, the more you learned about him or her as you dated, the more you fell in love with them. Work on being 3 dimensional on the air, revealing a little something about yourself in each show. It will give her that many more ways to connect in her mind with you, and to love you and the station all the more.



Matt Stockman currently serves as a radio missionary with OndaPaz Radio 93.2 FM in Barcelona, Spain, as well as a talent coach and consultant for stations in the US and Europe. Prior to moving to Spain, he was morning show host at 106.9 The Light in Asheville, NC, and was the NRB Personality of the Year in 2008. He can be contacted at