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Mark Kordic
Advocace' Media

You Can Find Major Funding Partners Today




Regardless the size of your radio station, I believe you are a few steps away from attracting big gifts to fund your vision.

In our experience, organizations with a one person development staff member or even organizations without development offices can dramatically increase the flow of big gifts, regardless of their development budget. Just as donor-supported missionaries prepare lists of potential funding partners, your organization can move forward in development success. What are some of the key principles and practices to build your major donor team on a small budget?

The key is to attract the attention of those with both capacity and passion for your cause. How do you find the wealthy, passionate donors that should be interested in joining your major donor team?

1. The first place to look is to brainstorm a list of your organization's own constituency. Can your staff identify a dozen high capacity friends of your organization who have demonstrated interest through their giving and participation? Treat this list like gold. Make it a priority to identify, build a relationship and make the ask of those capable of making immediate and near-term big gifts.

2. What if you do not have the benefit of a large segment of high-capacity friends/donors?

Stephen Nill, founder of Charity Channel offers a great suggestion—get to know the vast number of advisors to the wealthy in your community. Cultivate relationships with allied professionals such as attorneys, accountants, insurance professionals, real estate and stock brokers, bankers, asset managers, and others who assist with wealth counseling and estate planning. Following a disciplined regimen of taking advisors out for breakfast and seeking leads, Nill averages two referrals per year per advisor. For many organizations, one big gift of $100,000 or more resulting from these relationships would make an amazing difference in furthering your mission. The cumulative funds raised from such gifts likely will far exceed any other fund development strategy that can be pursued.


3. Finally, we use a tool called the Centers of Christian Influence to rapidly spot Christian leaders who “walk the talk” in a community. We have discovered that every region is blessed with a number of generous believers like Mary in Jesus’ day who sacrificially gave her life savings in perfume to lavishly anoint her Lord and Savior (John 12:3). We identify these individuals through an extensive survey with leading pastors,

Christian bookstore owners, chaplains, Christian Business Network executives and even editorial staff of local newspapers. Our main question - - "Who walks the talk in their Christian leadership activity in your region?” Over the years, the answers we receive turn out to be 90% correct and we immediately build a major donor funding team. Send me an e-mail if you’d like a copy of this tool.

The time is now to prepare for tomorrow's major-gifts campaign. Bringing your organization to the attention of individuals capable of making major gifts and leading them to full participation will help assure fulfillment of your near-term and long-term organizational goals. May your journey of discovery exceed your expectations!



With 24 years of experience in corporate and non-profit leadership positions and almost a generation of experience in listener supported Christian radio, Mark Kordic helps radio stations across the country grow income from major donors and pledges.

Before joining Advocace, Mark was the Director of Media Advancement for CDR Radio Network-The PATH®, the media division of Cedarville University in Cedarville, OH.  At The PATH® he successfully served in a number of marketing and executive positions, helping fund network expansion. Kordic also previously served as assistant pastor at Shawnee Hills Baptist Church in Jamestown, OH. Contact Mark by e-mail at