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Mark Kordic
Advocace' Media

Help…I Need a Director of Development!



“Our Development Director just resigned and we are in the middle of a fundraising campaign. Can you help us find an energetic candidate to lead our growth plans?”

Throughout the year, we are frequently asked for suggested candidates to fill critical needs in fund development leadership at Christian formatted radio stations or networks across the country. Well, if that is your situation, I may not be able to identify a specific candidate, but here are some ideas to help you in recruiting.

Refine Your Job Description

The major function of a development director is to handle all of the “back-room” development tasks of an organization.  These duties may include designing and the one year operational plan, writing appeal letters; designing the donor strategies and planning special events. You will also want someone who can organize the time commitment of your leadership team to meet with top donors and prospects.

Staff change always provides a good opportunity to tighten up your job description so results can be measured against objectives and outcomes are specific and time-based. You may want to inquire about the recruiting/human resource development services from members of a trade organization such as the Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA- for help. 

Identify Prospect Pools

The internet offers a plethora of online job boards. Other sources to solicit assistance include similar non-profits in your region, medial colleagues, national professional associations (Association of Fundraising Professionals, CLA, etc.) and look for volunteers who have demonstrated competence and interest. You may want to be sensitive in looking for a talented member of the millennial generation ( to stimulate new ideas for seeking donors.

Identify the MIQ (Most Important Qualities) for This Role

In our experience with Christian media and parachurch organizations, successful directors of development possess these qualities:

1)    Intense focus on (financial and spiritual) outcomes

2)   Self-motivation

3)   Spiritual sensitivity

4)   Persistence

5)   Well-organized

6)   Team player

7)   Excellent communicator

8)   Prayerful

You may want to adjust your interview questions to explore these attributes in candidates. Here are some questions to consider using in the interview process:

  • What motivates you to focus your talents in the fundraising aspect of an organization?
  • How have you demonstrated that you are a team player in the past? In your opinion, what ways do effective teams work together?
  • Why do you feel this organization is the best fit for you?
  • What top three skills do you think are most transferrable to the job, and why?

Send me an e-mail if you would like additional interview questions to use when seeking a new director of development.


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With 24 years of experience in corporate and non-profit leadership positions and almost a generation of experience in listener supported Christian radio, Mark Kordic helps radio stations across the country grow income from major donors and pledges.

Before joining Advocace, Mark was the Director of Media Advancement for CDR Radio Network-The PATH®, the media division of Cedarville University in Cedarville, OH.  At The PATH® he successfully served in a number of marketing and executive positions, helping fund network expansion. Kordic also previously served as assistant pastor at Shawnee Hills Baptist Church in Jamestown, OH.







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