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Lisa Williams
Air Personality

Top Of Her Intelligence




There is a concept I learned from studying improv.  When on stage, always perform at the top of your intelligence.  Donít dumb it down.  Donít say the first thing that pops into your mind.  Donít take the easy shot.  Assume your audience is super smart.  (They will perceive it as a compliment.)  Donít throw softballs.  Give your best, from the very top of your intelligence, speaking to the very top of hers. 


Sometimes while on stage performing improv scenes, I wonít say the first or even the second thing I think of, but instead Iíll demand my mind to give me something better, richer, and more intellectually stimulating.  In lightning speed, my mind will filter through the easy and get to the great lines.


This concept often comes to mind when Iím listening to the radio.


Sometimes it seems like we think our target is soft.  Sheís not the sharpest pencil in the box.  We throw out liners like she needs baby food to digest.  We laugh heartily and long at things that, if we were in a normal conversation with our friends, would hardly make us chuckle.


I dare you to work smarter.  I dare you to give her intelligent content.  I dare you to talk on-air with the same authenticity, humor, and candor as you use with your closest friends.


Just because it needs to be safe for her kids, holy, and station-appropriate does NOT mean that she doesnít need to be entertained, challenged, and compelled to think.

Lisa Williams spends her days in Denver homeschooling her two boys JD and Jesse.  Since leaving K-LOVE in 2011, she's been coaching air-talent, helping with fundraisers, and voice tracking.  Her passions are children's ministry for kids with special needs, playing with her improv friends, dancing in the kitchen, and thinking about radio.


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