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Lara Scott
KFSH Los Angeles

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Hey _____. Here's an idea so you don't stink:  Choose one good song on Genius and then let that pick your music.

That's just popped up on your station's Facebook/Twitter/Blog Comments.

What is your immediate reaction?  Is your finger on "Delete" before you even finished the sentence?

There might be a better way to handle it.

Back in the day, if a listener wanted to give you their feedback, they had to pick up the phone and talk to a real person.  They might even take the time to write a letter. Now, reaching a station or jock is as easy as taking a few seconds behind the computer, and it seems like we are bombarded with communication 24/7.  I’m sure you have found that people are bolder--both in sharing their hearts and in spewing vitriol--when they are hidden behind a keyboard.

On one hand, you want people to feel free to share what's on their mind, and to give their honest feedback.  You might be able to see your station in a fresh way through the eyes of someone who has just tuned in for the first time, and mentioned that it might be nice to not hear Chris Tomlin every 5 minutes (although I'm okay with that).  :-)

On the other hand, our format attracts those that are vulnerable, and have maybe come to your station's Facebook looking for some encouragement or to find out more about this God that we say loves them and can change their life.  Do we want them to see angry, critical comments?  Would you stick around a place like that?  Aren't we to reflect the love of Christ to a world that is broken, and look at least somewhat different from everyone else?

My friend Jeff Taylor is the PD/GM/Morning Superstar/Facebook King at Way FM in Fort Myers, and has some insight into this.

Facebook has given listeners yet another way to reach into our world to tell us what they really think about what we say, play or blog about.  I used to think it would be so much better if the critics and complainers would just send me a private “INBOX” message to share their feelings and frustrations, as opposed to writing it on my Wall for the world to see.  But now I like it when complainers write on my Wall.  When someone complains about our station or my show on my Wall, listeners who love what we’re doing will quickly jump to our defense and comment on the criticism.  After a few “superfans” have taken the edge off the critic’s comment, I like to write back thanking him/her for feeling the freedom to share honestly with me.  I try to commend them for caring.  If we’ve done something wrong, I apologize.

What happens then is awesome…

Because I responded in kindness – publicly on my Wall – listeners see their “friend on the radio” graciously acknowledging a criticism without being a jerk.  They hope, and even expect that we are as nice as we seem to be on the air, even when responding to critics.  And when we meet or exceed their expectation, our station WINS!

And your station can win, too—not just in the ratings, but in winning hearts and minds for Christ by treating everyone with kindness and grace, whether that’s on the air, or at an event, or even on Facebook.



Lara Scott is the midday personality on KFSH/Los Angeles  (95.9 The Fish). Scott’s voice has been heard on programs for Bravo, VH-1, and WE, the Olympic Encore on Universal Sports, commercials for the WOW Worship series and Beth Moore, promos for the Way-FM Radio Network, plus 12-Inch Saturday Night 80’s Dance Party and in-flight programming for Delta Radio and Air Force 1.  Scott has been featured on the popular radio industry websites,,,, and R&R.