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Lara Scott
KFSH Los Angeles

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I was going to try to write a happy little article about how working from home is a nice option for moms, since I’m a new mom and have turned a bathroom into a studio that I use for my Fish show (Insert jokes about what I’m using for a chair here. I have heard them all!). And maybe one day I will write that, but not now. You see, I’ve really enjoyed the recent wonderful articles on HisAir by Rick, Alan, Beth, and Brant. In the same way that I am convicted every time I hear a new Casting Crowns song, I’ve found that I can’t stop thinking about what they’ve said—why people are listening, how we should be listening more tha we are speaking, etc.

And then I got the email from Kathi.

She was listening at work and heard me play “Save A Place For Me” by Matthew West, and wanted to email and share her story with me. She lost her 7 year-old grandson in December, and this song made her feel closer to him. His name was Jakob, and he fought a brave battle against Leigh’s Disease. He never complained, and accepted everything that happened to him with joy. They had a little website for him, which I went to and just stared at the picture of this beautiful boy with huge brown eyes. I read about his life and how he was buried in his pirate costume, holding his compass, and with his beloved Tiggy by his side. I am still crying now, a few days later as I write this, when I think about Kathi’s loss, and I have been praying for her and her family.

It is way too easy to complain about the money we’re not making, the long hours we are working, and the freedom we are not given on the air to do things we think will make us look good or win us awards (I am guilty of all of this). But for a listener like Kathi and countless others that we will never hear from, the music we are playing and the community we are creating (even when we are only able to talk over :15 intros) is a place to come to be reminded that although life is hard, God is good. Kathi listens because this music reminds her of the hope that we have in Christ, and that she will see her beloved Jakob again.

We are truly blessed to do what we do, and too often we only get feedback when someone is upset that we are not playing enough female artists or that we mentioned American Idol. Let me encourage you by saying that you are making a difference, because God is amazing enough to use something as silly as radio to reach people who are not just wondering how they will hang on ‘til the end of the day, but how they will make it through the next hour.



Lara Scott is the midday personality on KFSH/Los Angeles  (95.9 The Fish). Scott’s voice has been heard on programs for Bravo, VH-1, and WE, the Olympic Encore on Universal Sports, commercials for the WOW Worship series and Beth Moore, promos for the Way-FM Radio Network, plus 12-Inch Saturday Night 80’s Dance Party and in-flight programming for Delta Radio and Air Force 1.  Scott has been featured on the popular radio industry websites,,,, and R&R.