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Lara Scott 
KFSH Los Angeles  95.9 The Fish

Mom's The Word



When people told me that my life would change after my son was born, I would breezily answer that I knew my life would change.  However, I think my idea of ďchangeĒ was that it would be like getting another cat, or perhaps a puppy.  Puppies are a lot of work, right?!  

Dallas was born on November 17th, and I donít think Iíve slept since then.  Okay, Iíve had a few naps here and there, but my life has been all about my little boy.  He is the greatest blessing of my entire life, and I feel like I could just sit and stare at him for hours.  What a privilege to be allowed to guide this little lifeÖwhen I hear ďThe Words I Would SayĒ by Sidewalk Prophets I always start to bawl, as that is exactly what I want him to know as he grows up.  This is all quite a change from my life a few months ago, when I prided myself on being crazy busy and was all about my career.  Now that Iíve adjusted to being a mommy, itís time to learn how to balance that with work, as IĒll be starting back on middays on The Fish (working from my home studio) in mid-January. 

 This is a question for moms (and dads, too) that are in radio:  How do YOU balance time with your family with your career?  We work in an industry that we are passionate about, and I think itís easy to allow work to eat up more and more of your life.  I would love to know how you make it work, and any tips you might have for new moms like me, and IĒll put everything into an upcoming article for HisAir. 

You can reach me at  Thank you!  Iím so excited to hear from you.    


Lara Scott is the midday personality on KFSH/Los Angeles  (95.9 The Fish). Scottís voice has been heard on programs for Bravo, VH-1, and WE, the Olympic Encore on Universal Sports, commercials for the WOW Worship series and Beth Moore, promos for the Way-FM Radio Network, plus 12-Inch Saturday Night 80ís Dance Party and in-flight programming for Delta Radio and Air Force 1.  Scott has been featured on the popular radio industry websites,,,, and R&R.






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