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Lara Scott
KFSH Los Angeles

How To Win Tickets…
(help for your listeners)





Every year, KFSH does a Christmas concert where you have to win your way in.  Since the only thing anyone wants to know for the month of giveaways is, "How do I win?"  I put all my tips into a blog post.  Plus, I like helping our listeners win stuff from us.  :-)  You could always use this as a blueprint for your blog, and when you do your big summer fest/spring jam/birthday show and you are getting the same questions over and over just direct folks there.



Since all anyone wants to know right now is, "How do I win tickets to see Casting Crowns and Matt Maher?" I thought I would put all my tips together in one handy blog for you.  So, without any further ado...I hope this helps you win your way in to the show on December 2nd at Calvary Church Santa Ana!  Come find me so I can give you a hug, okay?

1.  Two words:  Speed Dial!!!  1-866-FISH (3474) - 959

2.  Check in with our Morning Show (5a-10a) and Big Wave Dave (3p-7p) to see when they might be doing their giveaways.  You can call, email, or FB to reach them before the contest!

3.  BWD tends to give hints on FB every afternoon to let you know when he'll give away his tix.

4.  Come on out to our events!  The aforementioned BWD is going to be out at TWO events on the 20th, and might possibly have Christmas Concert Tix to give away.  You can find out about our events in the Station Events section of

5.  The week of the show, you could check in with our promotions department at  Sometimes, lots of people who win aren't able to actually make it to the concert due to traffic, illness, work, etc.  You can ask promotions if there's a chance you might be let in if you come out to the show without having won a ticket.  Again, even if you drive all the way out there and spend hours in traffic, it's not a guarantee that there will be room, but if you have the time and won't be devastated (and the kids won't be upset) if it doesn't work out, it's an option. 

6.  Tell everyone you know that you want to go!  Since we are giving away Family 4-Packs of Tickets, someone might win and have an extra ticket or two.

7.  Enter to win Lara's 10 Days Of Christmas Concert Tickets!  We are counting down the weekdays to the show (today was Day 10), and giving away 5 Family 4-Packs every day.  Yay!  Go to, click on the pic of Casting Crowns, and fill out the form.  Then, listen weekdays around 12:15 p.m. to see if I call out your name!  If you're a winner, you'll get a call from our promotions dept., and we'll post your name on the site.


Lara Scott is the midday personality on KFSH/Los Angeles  (95.9 The Fish). Scott’s voice has been heard on programs for Bravo, VH-1, and WE, the Olympic Encore on Universal Sports, commercials for the WOW Worship series and Beth Moore, promos for the Way-FM Radio Network, plus 12-Inch Saturday Night 80’s Dance Party and in-flight programming for Delta Radio and Air Force 1.  Scott has been featured on the popular radio industry websites HisAir.Net,,,, and R&R.