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Kris Byerly
The JOY FM Network

Few Things I Learned About Miley’s VMA Performance




I don’t know about your Facebook feed, but mine  had a conniption fit after Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance … Just a few posts:
“Oh, how my mom-heart breaks for Miley Cyrus”
“as a mother, I just wanted to go wrap a towel around her and hug her!! Cover her up and take her to church!!!”
“I know we've all done things when we were young that we Pray our kids will never do. She's making those mistakes right now.”
…. And so on ….


Facebook BLEW UP
From OMG’s to Hashtags like #PrayForMiley, People were throwing in their 2 cents left and right.
(A HUGE number of those people being LISTENERS)

Listeners of ___________ Christian station are avid culture consumers, as much as they’d like to dispute that, they are … and Miley’s performance showed us that.

They’re engaged in culture. Are we?

Radio is one of the most amazing mediums on the entertainment field.
It’s ambiguous but consistent, equivocal but clear.
Filled with characters that are relatable (maybe a tad off kilter – this is entertainment) 
and music that replaces the static of a mundane life.



With Christian Radio, we have an even more amazing platform. We have the privilege of not only playing “just the right song at just the right time” – but also having an influential role in speaking into, around and WITH our listener’s lives.


If you didn’t talk about the VMA’s on your show, you might have missed a great chance to SPEAK WITH your listeners. Obviously they watched it, obviously they had an opinion on it … shouldn’t you?
Even just mentioning that it was on puts you into their world, more than just on the “Bible Verse of the Day” side of their world.
Spin it however you’re comfortable – but have multiple views:
“VMAs were on last night – Video Music Awards … when was the last time MTV played Music Videos?”
“I watched about 3 minutes of the VMAs last night – I just don’t understand the music! I feel like my dad when I hear the stuff that’s coming out. “TURN DOWN THAT HIPPY NOISE!” – I’ve turned into my dad”
“Saw the hashtag #PrayForMiley last night after her VMA performance – what do you think? Does the amount of pressure we put on our kids do more harm than good?”


Listeners are more engaged NOW than EVER!
Don't be afraid of the "HOT BUTTON STORY" … Think about how it applies to your listeners life and family.
Start there.
Share examples on how to do that.

How do we connect MORE FULLY?
How can we be more than the “Christian Station” tossing out the verse of the day from

Radio has the ability to be in their world more so than any TV show, Podcast, Streaming medium …
We can be the “right song at the right time “, “ family ” station AND STILL have our finger on the pulse of a continually changing and desperate culture.


It’s a part of our mission to do just that …


Kris (aka: Kris P. Kreme) is the Director of Imaging and Production at The JOY FM Network in Florida. He can reached at