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Johnny Stone
Family Life Radio

Just Be Water  




Sitting in the last row of seats in the station wagon, the one that faced backwards, I knew we were almost home when I could pick up KDWB on my little transistor radio. Hey, just listening to KDWB felt like home. Felt like wearing my favorite blue jeans or my well-worn baseball glove. Comfortable, predictable-I think there is sincerity to that.

Family road trip vacations gave me a chance to listen to radio stations across the country. I would scan the dial, comparing what radio stations nationwide were doing and how they sounded. As a ten year old boy, the only two things that existed for me were baseball and radio.

So why did KDWB sound and feel like home? Consistency. They never changed. Whenever I turned it on, I knew they were playing the hits. Every song was familiar. The imaging voice was the same and the station name and positioning statement was always front and center. The on air personalities were consistent with their delivery and content. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they never varied. Itís a very subtle thing, but people like consistency. KDWB was always and to this day, is one of the most listened to radio stations in the Twin Cities.

There was another Top 40 station in the Twin Cities that competed with KDWB, but they were far from my favorite. Youíve probably already figured out why: inconsistency.


Although it was a competitor in the format, some of the music wasnít really the same. It sounded, well, kind of uncomfortable. Weird. Now I know that they probably let the DJís choose their own music to play, so although they were playing a band from the Top 40 chart, it was an album cut. Not familiar. The personalities also sounded different, like they had no coach to keep them on the same page as far as delivery and content. Sometimes at night or on weekends they would have 30 minute and 60 minute talk programs on the air. I just didnít know what to expect when I turned them on. In fact, my sister won a contest with that radio station, winning an album of the TOP HITS from THE ORIGINAL STARS! When it arrived in the mail, we put it on the record player. It was the top hits alright, but they were all covers done by a band called The Original Stars. Not what we expected. That radio station is no longer in existence.

Consistency is a winner. People are drawn to it. Itís kind of like your water faucet. When you turn it on, you want water. Every time. Not milk one time and then the next, orange soda and then the next time itís water. You want water from your faucet EVERY time. Thatís being consistent and comfortable. You know what to expect.


Just Be Water!


Johnny Stone is afternoon show host on the Family Life Radio Network along with his wife, Stacey. Together they own StoneStudiosLLC which produces the weekly syndicated shows Looking Up To Number One and Looking Up Country, syndicated through Envision Networks.  Contact Johnny at


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