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Johnny Stone
Family Life Radio

Try Not To Get Kicked Out Of The Car




Road trips can be tons of fun, and even better depending on who is in the passenger seat next to you. It doesn’t matter if the trip is one minute, ten minutes, or an hour or more.  Sitting in that passenger seat, you want someone you like; someone you identify with; someone who has something to say that resonates with you.


As a Contemporary Christian Music on air personality, that person is…you! Try not to get kicked out of the car. Here are a couple tips to keep you in that passenger seat, locked in with the seatbelt.

1.      Speak one-on-one. Too often I hear otherwise superb on air personalities say something like “Some of you may not know this, but…” if my passenger is saying that to me, I begin to think he or she is seeing beings that I don’t see in the car, because I’m the only other one in here. Get out of the car please. Also, it would be kind of weird for my passenger to call me “folks”. Perhaps a more personable way to say it is something like “You may not know this, but…” even if there are other passengers in the car, we all listen one-on-one.


2.      Be relevant. For instance, when I was having a conversation with the singer Blanca, I asked her something that she replied: ”I have never been asked that question before!” and then she went on to answer the question, which is: “You have a two year old in the house. How would you describe your parenting style?” Since my target listener is a mom with kids, she probably leaned over and turned up the radio to compare Blanca’s answer with how she would answer that question. Now, asking what her songwriting process is, or who the producer was on her album are not necessarily bad questions, but which one do you think will better keep you from getting kicked out of the car for not being relevant to her life?


These tips can help keep you from getting kicked out of the kitchen too. That’s it for now-more to come!


Johnny Stone is the afternoon show host along with his wife, Stacey, at Family Life Radio with signals across America, headquartered in Tucson, Arizona. Also owner of StoneStudiosLLC which produces the weekly two hour music based/interview shows Looking Up To Number One and Looking Up Country.Contact Johnny at


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