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Johnny Stone
Air Personality/Host "Looking Up To #1"

The Lesson Roundhouse Rodney Taught Me




I wonder what went through the young mothers mind as she stood there looking at her nine year old sons face. He was rejected, downcast, disappointed and on the verge of tears.

You see, her son was a huge fan of a local television personality who had a show on at noon every weekday. He would walk home from school to have lunch and watch the program, then walk back to school for the rest of the day. He could have had lunch at school and then played with his friends in the recess that followed lunch, but watching that show meant the world to him. He never forgot the day his birthday was acknowledged during the program as his mom had sent the info into the show.

One day, this local television personality announced an appearance at a grocery store opening in the little boys’ neighborhood. He begged his mother to “please, please, please take me there to meet Roundhouse Rodney-PLEASE”! The appearance was to be Saturday between 10am and noon.

The boy counted the days, hours and minutes and finally, the day came!

Unfortunately, there were chores to be done as there were every Saturday. When they were done, they would go.

At last, chores done, they loaded up the car and headed to the Red Owl grocery store to see Roundhouse Rodney! Arriving at the stroke of noon, the little boy jumped out of the car and ran across the parking lot to see his hero! “Roundhouse Rodney, Roundhouse Rodney, my name is Johnny”, the little boy shouted as he approached his icon.

Roundhouse Rodney said “Hey kid, my time here is up-I’m leaving. It’s noon. You should have been here earlier.” He walked away, leaving little Johnny standing there, dumbfounded and confused as his hero lit up a cigarette, got in his car and drove away.

This taught me a valuable lesson that sticks with me to this day. ALWAYS acknowledge the children when they come to see you. ALWAYS stay at your appearance if there are families there to see you and your radio station. It doesn’t matter if it is noon and time for you to leave or not.

ALWAYS drop down on one knee and be eyeball to eyeball, face to face with the children. Talk with them and treat them with all the respect in the world. They deserve and want your attention, and their mothers appreciate it too. They will never forget the day they met you and how you treated them.


Johnny and his wife are the afternoon team at the national network, Family Life Radio. Johnny is also owner of StoneStudiosLLC which produces the weekly syndicated shows "Looking Up Country" for country stations and "Looking Up To Number One" for CCM and AC/Hot AC stations.

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