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Joe Burke
Owner WZFI Bridgeton, NJ

How Program Suppliers Can Help
Radio Stations Download Their Programs




As a small radio station network owner, I am forced to attend to the station literally 24/7. When something goes down ,  I've gotta be there. The creators of syndicated programs can make our lives easier by placing their programs in generic named directories with files names that do not change from week to week .  If they follow this protocol,  we will be able to use an automated program such as Radio Spiders to download the program unattended.

In all, it would save every radio station owner hundreds of hours per year. Some programs such as 20 the Countdown Magazine require lots of work to set up for broadcast each and every week...

First you have to manually download the program Then you have to unzip it. Next you have to change the files names or change the radio automation association of this week's program. Finally, you have to schedule it.
That's at least 1 - 2 hours of wasted effort per week per Radio Station owner.  More than an entire work week per year is lost attending to the download of this program.
I have informed Chad Shoppa and other people that offer these syndicated programs, that they need to be more attentive to the needs of  radio station owners. In essence, when they make it difficult for us as small radio station owners to download their syndicated programs they are stealing time from the Lord. 
 Here is a letter I sent out to a company that offers a syndicated program>>





Will you be able to offer your program as described?  We would like to carry it and I believe my friends would also carry it on their stations, If you would make it easier to download.  Specifically by placing it in a generic directory with generic file names that have the same name every week, many station owners will jump at the possibility of adding a great program that can be automatically downloaded in an unattended mode using Radio Spiders or another similar program that automatically does the work without any effort on our part.


Please, for the Lord's work, I ask that you make it happen!  As it is, every station owner that carries your particular syndicated show has to manually download the program,  unzip it,  manually  put it in a directory, match up the file names, set up each new named file in the schedule and then run it... In all, we're talking about 1 -2 hours of unnecessary work per week for every Christian radio station that carries this program.  MULTIPLY THAT BY 52 WEEKS AND WE'RE LOOKING AT THOUSANDS OF WASTED HOURS PER YEAR.


God wants us to use our time wisely.  You have an opportunity to play a posiitve role in giving Christian Programmers more time to attend to very important business..... especially in these hard times.. We need more time to attend to local ministries and sponsors that pay the bills to keep us afloat so that we can play your syndicated program.


Please,  be a good steward FOR GOD by making our job easier.




This is a critical time for Christian Radio and we're getting very little help from those that offer syndicated programming. Only a few syndicated programs such as Power Praise Radio have taken the right step.

It would be good for all Christian Station owners to ban together and agree to only carry those programs that can be downloaded by an automated download program such as Radio Spiders.


Wouldn't you think that if they truly cared about the stations that carried their programs and serving Our Lord, they would make it as easy as possible to download their shows?


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