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Joe Burke 
Lift FM Radio Network

Now's Your Time Seize The Moment




You feel it’s the worst thing that could have happened to you. The owner of the radio station you work for, calls you into his office and tells you, “Game over, I’ve sold our station.

You panic and think, “What are my options?  What am I going to do? I think I’m going to scream!”

You then take a deep breath and are able to calm down because you remember this positive and encouraging article that was written by Joe Burke.

There is hope!

Why not host your own morning or afternoon radio program on Christian Stations all over the country?  You can and at very low cost!


I’m not referring to traditional voice tracking.  I’m talking about a real live program that may be delayed by just minutes.

You won’t need a satellite uplink and the enormous cost associated with it.

Instead, your program will be delivered via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) in the same manner,  “Scott and Sam”, a very popular syndicated morning show is broadcast to numerous stations all over the US.

To really give your show added pizzazz, find a compatible co-host.


All you need is a computer, two decent mics ($100 each), a low cost console/mixing board with a phone hybrid (you can get them for about $700 - $1,000 through RF Specialties), internet connection, server (plenty of remote servers available at low cost- less than $100 monthly) and a phone line. Total set-up cost - no more than $2,000.

If you’re not computer savvy you may have to hire someone. Don’t spend big bucks on a consultant but instead visit your local community or state college and talk to a computer geek there. I know this arena well as I used to write strategic computer programs for the military. Some college kids with great talent will do incredible work at very little cost. A hundred dollar gift card to the most desirable pizza shop may be all it takes. You may also do well in finding one with a heart for the Lord.

If you’re on the East Coast, it would be easier to do a morning show but if you’re on the West Coast consider an afternoon show unless you like to wake up at 3 AM.  If you don’t call it a morning or afternoon show, it will allow stations to air it at any time, day or night.


If you do call-ins, you may have to hire a group like AZ Professional Callers (a service we offer at just $ 25 for five calls –all from professional voice actors) to get the calls going for your interactive music show. However, with that said, callers across the country will be calling in as your show reaches the airwaves within the first hour of broadcast that day.

How does it all work on a daily basis? First, you prepare your program. You then record the first segment which you then upload to your server. The segment is then automatically picked up by your affiliate stations using a program called Radio Spiders. You then record another segment and then send that segment to your server and continue the process all morning long. It’s really simple!

You don’t want to play music, generally speaking but maybe once every couple of hours you may introduce a gold song and play it through in a segment. Make sure it’s compatible with everyone’s playlist such as something from Third Day, Mercy Me, etc. For the most part, the owner of each station will fill the music slots automatically with his automation system so the only thing you need to do is talk and maybe end each segment with a little jingle like,  “Kim and John, Making Your Morning Better (singing)”.


Please think about how this can change your life and your ministry!

1) You will no longer have to worry about losing your job. 

2) Your program will be heard across the country reaching potentially, millions of people 

3) You will have potential for unlimited income!  Think about this. To broadcast Scott and Sam on my small radio station network would cost me $ 1,000 minimum per month and for larger stations the cost is more. If you decide to come in at lower cost (a great way to take over the market) by offering to charge $ 300 per month for small stations and $ 500 per month for larger stations and let’s say over the first six months you manage to garner 50 affiliates, after six months you will be grossing about $20,000 per month.


Are you with me now?

If done right, you can really make this business your career!

Of course, you’ll need to do local liners and stuff like that and prepare your program daily but we’re talking about a total of eight hours of work each day. On the weekends, you relax, spend time with the family and go to church!

Typical voice tracking like Pandora (juke box radio) is going the way of the dinosaur. Now is the time for you to put your future in the right direction!

To recruit your co-host, simply post a free ad in He/she just read this article and is waiting for your post!

Joe Burke can be reached at