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Jake Sommers 
Christian FM Network

We Sure Ask A Lot




Boy, we sure ask a lot. Seriously, we do.

I don’t believe that there is another format that asks so much of its listeners. In Christian radio, we are CONSTANTLY asking our listeners for something… either for US, or another ministry that needs some help.

 It usually involves money. If not money, time (and time IS, after all, money).  Our listeners buy our concert tickets, and then we ask them to help pack boxes of school supplies while they are there.  Speaking of… there are the school supply drives, the back pack drives, the food drives, the clothing and diaper drives…. You get the idea.

I actually did a fundraiser once called “16 hours of giving”.  It should have been called “16 hours of TAKING”, because that is all we did.

Generally speaking, that is all we ever do.

I started thinking, “When are we going to start giving back?”

What a great promotion! “WXYZ Gives Back”!

Let’s give back to “Jen”.  She does not ask for much.

·       Some gas in her van

·       Some new clothes

·       A massage

·       Starbucks

·       Her house cleaned

·       Her hair and makeup done


What a concept! Christian radio GIVES BACK!!!  If American Idol can do it, we sure can.

Someone told me once that “You can only go to the well so many times”.  Maybe that is why we have to do so many “gap” events and “16 hours of taking”.  The well is running dry.

It’s time for Christian radio to give back.


Jake Sommers is a veteran air persoanlity who has worked at KEGL and KLUV Dallas, Y108 Denver, B97 New Orleans, WXGT, Columbus, WGAR, Cleveland, KJ103 Oklahoma City, KEEY, Twin Cities... and Christian radio stations KTIS, Twin Cities , WCVO 104.9 The River, Columbus. Currently Jake is Middays and Director of Creative Services Christian FM Network.