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Jake Sommers
Air Personality KTIS Minneapolis

An Open Letter to Record Companies and Those That Build Artist Websites





As a guy that wants to be in touch with his target listener, I find it REALLY hard

To find things of interest to say about your artist by reading the “bio” or “about”

Page on their website.  “Linda” or “Jen” could care less that it’s “the highly 

Anticipated sophomore release”.

I got this while trying to find out something interesting to say about Jason Gray

That would help me connect out listener to his music:

”Gray's discography over his career is a logical progression from his earlier indie efforts to his recent ambitious outings that find him skillfully marrying his trademark deft lyrical expressions to smooth pop melodies and a disarming passion in a way that places him somehow simultaneously in multiple camps”



Or this from Jeremy Riddle’s website:


Tension. It is a word most folks don’t get a witness on these days. Tension headaches. Hyper-tension. Tension in the Middle East. Tension equals stress, and don’t we all have enough stress in our lives?

Yet it is tension that fuels the music and ministry of worship leader Jeremy Riddle. It is the tension between grace and the law; mercy and judgment; love and discipline. It is the people of unclean lips lifting praise to a holy God. It is God wearing flesh, and God’s imminent return. It is life between the first and second coming of Christ. It is messy and stressful and beautiful and exhilarating. It is the tension between The Now and Not Yet.

How about

·         The name of the wife (husband) and Children

·         Favorite food

·         Hobbies

·         Where did they grow up

·         Favorite TV show


Those are the kinds of things that make the artist “real”. Maybe you could have a little fact sheet like Natalie Grant does!

Please help us out so that the next time we play a single “from the highly anticipated sophomore release” we will have something interesting to say about your artist.



Jake Sommers

Afternoon Talent

98.5 KTIS Twin Cities







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