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Jack Eason 
The Heart Share Group





This week we look at the third ship every radio station needs in its fleet.
The last 2 articles we looked at LeaderSHIP; the week before we looked at LordSHIP.
This week we turn our thoughts to PartnerSHIP.

As you think about your organization, what comes to mind when you think of the word PartnerSHIP? A lot of non-commercial Christian radio stations, as well as other non-profit based organizations we serve, don’t quite understand the meaning of the word PARTNER.

It’s interesting to see that Webster’s defines partner as “one associated with another especially in an action; a person with whom one shares an intimate relationship; a member of a partnership.”

Now, what or who do you think of? In an organization like Christian radio, there are some obvious answers. One would be your team. Do you see your team, the on-air people, the office staff, the sales/underwriting staff-do you see them as partners in your work? They are the ones that you are ‘in action’ with to accomplish the mission of your organization. They are intimately involved with you to accomplish your goals.

The other obvious  group are your listeners, more specifically, the listeners that support your station with finances and prayers. They aren’t just DONORS. They are PARTNERS.  As such, do you make them feel like PARTNERS? If you only make them feel like PARTNERS when you need their money (during your fundraising events), then chances are they won’t be partners for long.


Oh, one last definition Webster gives for partner: “one of the heavy timbers that strengthen a ship’s deck to support a mast.”

This is a perfect visual for us in Christian radio. The mast we are flying is pointing people to Christ through the music we play. That mast is only able to fly because of the ‘heavy timbers’ that are supporting it. Those ‘heavy timbers’ are your listeners, your partners.  What are you doing to make them feel like they are PARTNERS in your mission?


Jack Eason is a partner and consultant with The Heart Share Group. He and Tom Lewis (co-founders of Heart Share) are dedicated to equipping ministries to be all that God has called them to be. They work with Christian radio in the areas of fundraising, non-traditional revenue, programming, underwriting, and more.