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Jack Eason 
The Heart Share Group

Looking For Different Results?




Are you expecting different results but doing the same thing?

It amazes me to see people who desire different results but are determined to keep doing the exact same things everyday. We see it at ministries, radio stations, and churches that we work with all over the country. That's the definition of insanity. If you want different results, you must change what you are doing.

You and I know change is hard. I am not necessarily a fan of change, but if changing will produce better results, especially results that will reach more people and honor God in a better way, why would I not be willing to change? It seems now more than ever an attitude of pride and ego has encountered what used to be the most servant oriented Christian careers. We have allowed a non-Christian mindset that may work in the general marketplace, to invade ministries whose sole mission is supposed to be to share Christ.


How can you and I experience different results?

1-Be willing to change. I heard someone say ďIíve been doing this for 20+ yearsĒ as if to say ďI know what I am doing.Ē No longer does longevity equal success, if it ever did. Longevity is not necessarily a sign that you are doing things right.

I have a ministry friend who says everyday he tells the Lord, "everything on the table is open for discussion, Lord. It's all open to change." Good word. We must be willing to change and try something different. The industry we are in is changing not every month, but every DAY. Things that worked last month may not even work next week.


2-Find others who can help you.

What are the results that you want? If you haven't achieved them, maybe you should get a set of outside eyes to help you walk through how you can make that happen. Sometimes people from the outside bring a freshness to the situation. Itís not necessarily that they are smarter (if they are, that definitely helps!), but they arenít used to seeing things through the lens you use. Asking others for help is not a sign of weakness or that you donít know everything; itís a sign of your willingness to bring in the best and brightest people that can help you fulfill the vision God has called you to. Thatís not only admirable; it should be the trademark of those of us who want to do our best for God.


3-Pray. It's listed last, but obviously, is first. If God is any part of your life, he should be a part of your organization. If you aren't asking for His input and direction, you're doomed from the start. Pray for new insight, wisdom, and direction. More often than not, we tend to run on autopilot with our organizations and havenít plugged into the Source as much as we should that can help us get the results we long for. After all, is there anyone anymore than God who wants His ministry to be fruitful?


Jack Eason is a partner and consultant with The Heart Share Group. He and Tom Lewis (co-founders of Heart Share) are dedicated to equipping ministries to be all that God has called them to be. They work with Christian radio in the areas of fundraising, non-traditional revenue, programming, underwriting, and more.