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Isaac Fineman
President Bridge Media Group

Social Media = $$$




There are lots of people talking about Social Media and its ability to not only create, but harness the power lucrative streams of revenue for both business and ministry. In fact, some well know corporations like Ford Motor Company are focusing a large part of their marketing and advertising dollars on Social Media. Simply put, Social Media provides a positive return on investment. This is accomplished through leveraging your social network. Meaning that as your “community” is being developed, you tap into the power of duplication and now it’s not just you telling your story it’s your army of community-members telling your story. This clearly aids in tapping into new opportunities for both business and ministry. While in many ways the old system of the big four (radio, TV, print, and outdoor advertising) was the way to go, folks who are adapting to Social Media are winning big.

What does that mean for us in Radio? For starters, increased client (listener) engagement on our Social Media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) means a greater impact in communication our story, whether it be a new contest, an upcoming station event, or an invitation to discover more about Jesus. Does that make sense for our industry when budgets and staffing are being cut left and right? You better believe it! And the same goes for a small market station as it does for a nationwide network.

Say your organization has the need to purchase some new gear and you’ve created a wish list that’s been posted on your website. While you may be talking about on the air and might have even written about it in your recent newsletter or e-blast, why not use one more way to tell your story – the new way: Social Media. Now, you can take that same story on your website and post a link to your station’s Facebook page and Twitter accounts and your announcers can do the same increasing your odds even more that folks will not only hear about your need, but also read about it and provided the proper links via PayPal (or whichever service you use), your listeners can respond with a gift.

But here’s the key to all of this: like your website, social media is measurable. When your announcers do a live break and mention your wish list prior to the stop-set, you really don’t have a way to measure the effectiveness directly, but with Social Media you can, and it’s easily and affordably done…making you and your team even more effective stewards of God’s provision through your generous listeners. This kind of story telling is natural on Social Media. “Fans” and “followers” not only embrace it, but perpetuate it!

Embracing and implementing these tools can be very rewarding. If I can be of assistance to you in any way regarding Social Media, please let me know. It would be my pleasure to serve you.

“You can’t just say it. You have to get the people to say it to each other.”
– James Farley, CMO Ford Motor Company


Isaac M. Fineman is the Owner of Bridge Media Group a Media Marketing Firm that exists to serve clients who desire to effectively and efficiently deliver their message to their audience for the glory of God.  You may contact Isaac by sending him an email to