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Isaac Fineman
President Bridge Media Group

Make Time For Margin





"Tired out!" ... "Worn out!" ... "Burned out!" ...  These are a few the comments I hear from pastors and ministry leaders on a regular basis.  I bet youíre no different.  There are times that you hit the wall and experience burn out as well, donít you?!    


As thought leaders, vision-casters, and culture transformers, we need to make sure we're creating margin, blank space, for ourselves (and others and most importantly God).  The expectations placed on us, and sometimes even the self-imposed expectations, are unrelenting at times.  


Ever wish you could take a day off and do something you would not normally do?  My idea of what that looks like is hiking to a mountaintop with a thermos of hot coffee, my Bible, a pen, and a notebook.  Consider the value of uninterrupted time with the God of the universe and the opportunity to have a brainstorming session with Him one-on-one.  Uninterrupted because of one caveat -- my cell phone would be turned OFF.  (I know that's going to be hard for some of us.)  That's my idea.  What's yours? 


We need to create practical, tangible opportunities for margin, so that we can have time to reflect, dream, rest, connect, etc.


How are you going to add margin to your life?  More importantly, when are you going to add margin to your life?  By the way, I am challenging myself with these same questions.


Here's to more peace, contentment, creativity...and margin! 



Isaac Fineman is the Managing Member of Bridge Media Group, LLC, a Christ-centered marketing, communications, and public relations firm based in Greenville, SC.  His  niche and passion is working with Christian nonprofit organizations that desire to effectively and efficiently deliver their message for the glory of God.  Contact Isaac by sending an email to