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Isaac Fineman
President Bridge Media Group

Deliver Content That Delivers




In Business 101 we learn that a good or service is traded for dollars and cents.  It works the same way in our industry.  For example, as Christian broadcasters, we need to present an excellent product to our customers (listeners) in order that they might “buy” what we have to offer them (the ability to enjoy our content, patronize our sponsors, supporting our ministry partners who underwrite/purchase time from us, etc.).

It’s so easy for us to get stuck in a rut doing the same old thing…allowing our library to shrink and shrink and shrink…playing the same old liners…and sitting behind our microphones.  I would challenge us as an industry to allow ourselves the creative license to open up our minds and think freely and creatively.  We need to take an active role in bringing the community together.  And that looks like plain/normal people, creative/nutty people, and even more importantly people that we would usually never consider.  That said, when we are determining what goes to air on our stations, we need to be asking ourselves this questions:  “Does anybody care?”  “Is this making an impact?”  “Does this serve the common good?”

More than that, it’s incumbent on us to make the initial connection with our listeners.  How are we meeting them, touching them, reaching out to them face to face in their communities and in their comfort zones?  And how can we do better?

So with that in mind, what sets (your station/network) apart from all of the others in your market and beyond?  Thought needs to be given to answering that question and you need to use it to filter other things like clearing a song, program, feature, underwriting announcement/commercial spot.  Are you wasting our time and resources or are we delivering worthwhile content to our listeners?  People today are overwhelmed with options for how they can receive content.  There’s terrestrial radio, satellite, the new HD technology with its multiple sub-channels, podcasts, streaming content on the computer, and more.  The reality is, because of today’s advancing technology, your audience has the opportunity to grow into a global community.

Another very important factor for content that delivers is the principle that listeners want to know the benefit(s) to listening to our station verses the other stations in town.  If they give us their time (TSL), they want to know that we have given them a great listening experience.  Be mindful about ways you can better engage them.  The customer experience is just that, a customer experience.  We must be so connected with our P1 listener that we know what it is that they want/need and then provide it to them; while at the same time, attracting new listeners as well (Cume).  A question that you could ask your team is, how does someone “feel” after listening to us?

But here’s the kicker, it’s not good enough for your announcers to simply tell listeners this or for your BIG voice to communicate this via your expensive, well produced liner package.  We as a radio station/network and as a format and even as an industry have to live this out.  Simply put, the benefits to listening to ______________ must now become deliverables.

So here’s the bottom line.  Why do you exist?  Why do you go in to the station day after day, year after year?

With today’s technology and the “you must be a content creator” mindset, it is imperative that you/we begin considering the answer the question:  Our radio station/network wants to be known for being the best in the WORLD for ___________________.

Takeaways from this article:

  • There is a strategy to developing an audience.
  • What sets your station/network apart from the rest?
  • What does the listener experience and feel after listening to your station/network?
  • How can you do a better job of genuinely connecting with them and implementing their feedback?

Radio is changing.  Let’s be there, and let’s be ready to serve.


Isaac M. Fineman is the Owner of Bridge Media Group a Media Marketing Firm that exists to serve clients who desire to effectively and efficiently deliver their message to their audience for the glory of God.  You may contact Isaac by sending him an email to






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