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Glenn Hascall

KHYM Meade, KS Station Manager and
Owner/Moderator for Fellowship of Christian Broadcasters

The How, The Who and The Why




Wax cylinders – 77s, 33s, 45, reel-to-reel, eight track, cassette, CD, iPod.

Local and live, local and some recordings, local and mostly recordings, Local and satellite, national and live.

Terrestrial signal and AM, terrestrial signal and AM/FM, terrestrial signal and FM, terrestrial signal and Internet stream, Internet stream.

As broadcast technicians we live in a world of change. Delivery methods shift from reel to reel to satellite to Internet and FTP, and we are constantly on guard for what’s next.

Connections shift from letters and phone to email and social media. A web presence becomes essential and interactivity is as needed in broadcasting as breathing is for humankind. 

I am in awe of the changes in radio in my 25 plus years in broadcasting and I can’t imagine stepping away from broadcasting and then coming back. I think it would be very difficult to get back up to speed.


However, that exact scenario seems to be happening more often than you may realize. I’ve had the opportunity to visit with many who were once involved in Christian radio, left and then felt a tug to get back into ministry.


One of those people is Jay Johnson. I had the honor of working with Jay for the last couple of years and he’s recently moved to our Abilene office. He expresses very well what it is like to leave and then come back. 


“A few years ago I read a book by John Eldredge called "Wild at Heart" that caused some introspection. While reading it, I kept wondering if maybe I should head in another career direction. I have worked in radio since 1972 and specifically in Christian radio since 1984 but this book made me wonder if God had something else in mind for me.


“At the end of 2006 I resigned from my position with Family Life Radio in Tucson, AZ without any idea of what I was going to do. I worked with H&R Block for about two months before landing a job with Westwood One at their Metro Networks newsroom in Phoenix. They had just started a new Internet division and I was hired as their Senior Web News Editor. Looking back in hindsight, God used this 15-month stint to create within me a strong desire to return to Christian radio and appreciate what I once had.


“God used that hiatus from Christian radio to give me a renewed vision and a fresh perspective. Obviously He wanted to bring back the zeal that I had when I first chose radio as a career… Everything happens for a reason and it's always according to His schedule.”


I am surprised at how many people I encounter who long for the ability to minister again through Christian radio. While we may take what we do for granted and feel as if we may be overwhelmed with all the change and demands there are those who find the idea of a return to Christian radio a passionate pursuit.


One of our FCB forum members has a dream of starting a new radio station on the East Coast, another is looking to get back into broadcasting and engineering. I spent time on the phone recently with a highly qualified candidate who hasn’t been in radio for 10 years.


We may need to change how we do things in Christian radio, but the good news is there remains a heart for radio as a vehicle for ministry. There is a passion for the potential of Christian radio. There is a desire to serve God with words fitly spoken.


A pastor friend of mine named Jake once told me that I had one of the largest congregations in the region. More people tuned into the audio signal of the station I worked at than attended any single church. That has always affected what I say and how I prepare my heart for any given day’s service.


For those of us in the trench every day it’s great to be reminded that ‘renewed vision’ and ‘fresh perspective’ are needed for those that often pay more attention to the trees than the forest. Some of that perspective might come from those who have been away from the mic for a while.


Glenn Hascall is station manager for KHYM and moderator of the Fellowship of Christian Broadcasters email and Facebook forum. Winner of multiple broadcasting awards including a Gold Addy, Telly Finalist for documentary work as well as multiple state awards.