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Glenn Hascall

KHYM Meade, KS Station Manager and
Owner/Moderator for Fellowship of Christian Broadcasters

Job Opening




Wanted: Looking for a program director with an emphasis in music selection and staff development. Preferred candidate should be skilled at computer networking and can troubleshoot existing on site technical challenges. Promotions ability should be a given considering the experience we are hoping for in this position. With the incredible growth in online connections via social networking candidate should have advanced knowledge of Facebook and website development. Knowledge of html and php is mandatory as is the need for 5 years graphic design experience to be used in association with print and online promotions duties. Prospect should be willing to devote 65-80 hours weekly to this position and should be considered an example to other staff members on how much time they should spend with family. Candidate should be willing to pray with listeners on request, answer to board members personally and by phone – hourly if needed. Answering phones, personal appearances, taking rep phone calls and developing long-range plans for the station will be expected. We look forward to the potential of working with you and are more than willing to drain all creative energy. Burnout rates have recently exceeded 9 months. Can you do better? If so, you might be the next contestant on the exciting road to broadcast burnout.

In all the years I’ve been in radio there has never been a time when an employee was expected to know more and have multiple skill sets in order to do this thing called radio. At the same time there are fewer new talents coming into the field. In many ways an individual needs to grow into the role of PD.

No longer is it a simple matter of overseeing a staff dedicated to the purpose of good radio. No longer is it a matter of choosing music that touches some emotional place inside. No longer is it simple to deliver good radio in the same old way. We have entered a time of something altogether ‘new’.

Today radio stations have web cams, social media sites, podcasts, interviews with artists available only online, photos taken and placed online, blogs, streaming options, website development and ministry opportunities that take place somewhere beyond a radio frequency.

With so much to do it can be difficult for a PD to keep up with everything. Stations are hiring individuals that will take on the responsibility of developing all things Internet. This includes site development, social media promotions and online contests. They are expected to have some experience in graphic design or at least know who to go to in order to give their site the sparkle needed.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that radio is coming to understand a redefinition of what it means to communicate. As listener’s interests change so too do the ways they wish to communicate. Many are finding listeners are more inclined to connect through Facebook or even text messaging than they might be to actually call the station. Listeners may wish to give gifts electronically instead of sending mail. Many have discovered that in order to do radio well they need to provide a value added blend of online connection. But more than that what is offered has to be compelling enough to keep listeners coming back.

The struggle to maintain sanity will continue as more and more is expected of a limited staff. Don’t get me wrong; the full development of online connection will be essential to the new definition of radio communication. It may be possible to outsource projects to help you get to the next level in communication.

It’s not impossible to find someone with all the skills listed in our opening ‘job offer’, but if you aren’t blessed with a staff that can manage a vital online connection you should work to find a way to make that connection possible. I honestly believe this will be vital to the continued success of broadcasting – no matter the ultimate size of your ministry.

A web presence that just gets by may not be enough in 2010 – and beyond.


Glenn Hascall is station manager for KHYM and moderator of the Fellowship of Christian Broadcasters email and Facebook forum. He is blessed to work with a staff that has the experience needed to complete the job description listed above. He’s grateful the entire responsibility does not fall to one individual and prays earnestly for that continued balanced load.