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Glenn Hascall

KJIL/KHYM Meade, KS Station Manager and
Owner/Moderator for Fellowship of Christian Broadcasters

Promotions Outside The Box: A Round Table Approach




In a staff meeting recently we discussed the fact that pastors say there are two primary problems they face.
The first is they never seem to have enough time for their own family and the second is they are noticing a dramatic drop in Bible literacy among their congregations.


To be honest I never saw the paperwork so I can’t validate any statistics, but it sounds true.


Our ministry is celebrating 20 years this year so we want to do something special for our listeners. Sure we have plans for giving away CDs, t-shirts, etc., but we wanted to do something more.


We believe in the value of the local church and we want to support them in any way we can. That means promotion of events through public service announcements and personal appearances, but knowing pastors need time with family prompted a different idea.


We are working with a regional retreat center to make it possible for a few nominated pastors to spend some time away with their spouse and or family free of charge. We know Clergy Appreciation Month is in October, but we may not wait.


We also want to make ministry opportunities available, but frankly we’re so early in the process we’re not sure what we might actually do. We’d love to help address the problem of biblical illiteracy, but that’s also a pretty fresh topic for us.


I guess I bring all this up to suggest that we all take the time to wrestle with the what, how, and why of ministry. It is incredibly easy to simply rely on the proven tools of radio promotion. The truth is our audience probably won’t get too upset if we just stroll along easy promotion street, but do we follow this GPS route just because it has the fewest roadblocks? Do we stay on this path because we tire of hearing that pleasant, but grating voice say, “Recalculating”?


We want to make this 20th year an event that explores outside the box. We want it to be memorable for some pretty good reasons. We want to serve our listeners better and we want to facilitate incredible ministry within the local church.


Maybe you’re wrestling with the same issues. Maybe you’ve come to some conclusions. There’s a little feedback area below. Share what you’ve learned. We all want what we do to be like pulling an orange from a tree – handpicked for freshness and good taste. Maybe you could point us to a few orange trees.


I wish I could tell you we have learned all there is to know about perfect radio, but like a mirage every time we get close the end result eludes us. That being said, we keep trying. We hope you do too.


Oh, one question that came up that you may wonder about as well, “Why do the labels send us CDs when digital download cards would be less expensive and may be better received?” Don’t get me wrong we’re grateful and will gladly accept more CDs, but as long as we’re thinking outside the box…



Glenn Hascall is station manager for KHYM and moderator of the Fellowship of Christian Broadcasters email and Facebook forum. Winner of multiple broadcasting awards including a Gold Addy, Telly Finalist for documentary work as well as multiple state awards.