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Glenn Goodwin
Air Personality

Defining Moments



Have you ever really taken time to look at the Defining moments in your life?  Of course there are the obvious moments: when you gave your life to Christ, graduated, got married, had kids, etc.  But how about those moments that you made one simple choice, that changed your life forever?  At the time you didnít realize that it was such a huge defining moment, but now as you look back, you know that very moment or decision changed your life forever.

For me one of the defining moments in my life was this:  I was working for a small Audio/Visual company where I had worked for about 9 years.  I had put a lot into that role, but the business was slowly changing with new technology taking over, and I knew that my role was going to be done away with.  So I knew I had to find something else.

With working in the A/V industry, radio was a very similar industry in many ways.  I found an online posting for a part time overnight weekend board operator position.  I applied, and secured an interview. 

When it came to the day of the interview, I started to doubt if that was something that I should ever go to the interview for.  I mean, I really needed a full time position, and this was overnights on the weekends, and it really didnít meet the needs that I was looking for at the time.

Little did I know then that this was a huge defining moment in my life.  I came so very close to not even going to the interview.  But just minutes before I needed to leave, I decided that it couldnít hurt to go and just see what all it entailed.  Perhaps it was the Lord that prompted that decision.

I went to the interview, and was offered a position on the spot.  Because of the technical knowledge I had from my A/V position and the equipment the radio station was using at the time, it was some of the exact same technology.

Long story short: Within a few months, I was working there full time. And now going on 15 years later and a few radio companies later, my radio career continues as my love for radio has never waivered.

So what are some of your defining moments?  Is there that decision that you almost didnít make, and the outcome has changed your life forever?  Perhaps you are at a crossroad right now, as you are trying to make a decision.  And perhaps, there are those moments that you are in right now that when you look back at several years down the road, you will realize that this was a defining moment in your life.

If you havenít thought about some of those times in your life, perhaps you might take some time and think back.  Think about the people that gave you the opportunity that you needed to have your defining moments, and reach out to them and thank them. 


Glenn Goodwin is a radio veteran of Christian and mainstream radio and has served in many roles including marketing, promotions, on air, operations, and more. You can reach him at


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