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Freely Give





Matthew 10:8    Freely you have received; freely give.


How many times have we heard that verse quoted in church when it came time for the offering?  


But what about when you're asked to give help to someone who asks "how do I get started in radio, production, music"?  What is your response?  Is it the polite go to college, volunteer,  get an internship, gain some experience,  call this person and tell 'em I sent you, practice, hope for the best, etc. answer?     Do we ever take the time to say, I'd love to help you if I can, let's meet up and then actually meet them, get to know them, and then help them with a strategy for success, believe in them and add value to them?


I am encouraged today as I look back uponsome management & director roles that allowed me to speak into some up and coming next generation people, and see many of them successful today in their craft (be it radio, production, voice-over, music or even something completely outside of the industry).  I am blown away at their accomplishments including a Marketing Director for Barnes & Noble, Music Director for Kelly Clarkson, Image Director for Sirius XM, voice talents for national brands like Biography, FX, Fox Business, Marriot, Lysol, Bayer, Vonage, Netflix. The list goes on.   What amazes and humbles me most is that all of these people keep in touch with me, and for some reason thank me.  I'm honored to see them succeed and doing well, but as I am quick to tell them, THEY made this happen, not me.  I just helped them see or hear something in themselves that maybe they didn't at the time.   


I am also grateful at the mentors who have poured into me over the years. From the overbearing, Hot Lining mainstream PD to a gentle giant father in the faith to me who made me a part of his family - or a CEO Employer who gave me an blunt, honest answer that changed my course. Many people have spoken into my destiny with a common goal of seeing me successful. I have much to be thankful for.

I believe the ministry of Jesus was like this. He didn't call people who had it all together - or had super talents - just those "who have an ear, listen".  He saw and spoke their destiny TO THEM. He certainly modeled what Hespoke in Matthew 8.


Whether you are in your twenties, thirties, forties, fifties or beyond, the question I pose to you is this; are you pouring into and raising up the next generation?   What about honoring those who have poured into YOU? Are you keeping in touch, emailing them? Who knows what a word ofencouragement can do! I am also grateful for the broadcast ministries who have mentorship or internship programs.  They are certainly worth it.


These days my nine to five work takes place in my home studio, outside of the radio world. It's been a very tough two years not having steady income, yet it has been one of the most important seasons in my life -  relying on God's provision like never before, and having my wife Jan around more to be brutally and beautifully honest with me.  While I still do much of what I have done in the past, I still ask God the nagging question of "what's next? The soft answer from Him is a simple one.   "Who & what is drawn to you?"    The answer is becoming clear, and goes back to what I've previously mentioned.  God has me pouring into our Tech & Worship teams at my church. I'm loving it! In fact The most recent example - and this stuns me -  after just a few short months of mentoring Ryan, a very eager sound guy at my church, he's just been hired to tour this summer with Dwight Yoakum, Gretchen Wilson, Easton Corbin, Trace Adkins, and Tim McGraw.  I step back and ask "did this just happen"?   Yes it did.  Ryan + God did it.  I just happened to be there to tell him, I believe in him  (and help him understand some audio fundamentals).


I heard in a recent sermon - "if we know what time it is, we know what to do".   For Ryan it was for time for him to begin to fulfill his destiny and for me to help him kick start it.

Who has been placed in your life that youneed to believe in? I hope you will ask God and then see where He leads you and what the outcome will be, now and even generations from now.

Freely you have received; freely give.


I am honored to pursue my passion for Music, Worship Arts and Media Production.  What appeared to be an either/or career path of Broadcasting or Music, eventually intersected when I became a full time Production Director for CHR mainstream KHFI, Austin, TX.  From there I went on to manage the production operations of legendary LBJ Broadcasting group and then on to a producer/voice talent role at Bill Young Productions, Houston. I was brought in by K-LOVE/Air 1 to establish and direct the Creative Services Department during the largest period of growth for them.  Today, beyond working with great clients through Frank Scales Creative, including 20 The Countdown Magazine, Dolby Systems & some projects in Hollywood, I also have the opportunity and honor of mentoring young adults in the areas of tech, media, and worship music.   When I'm not behind the mic, I also have a blast playing Keys & B3 in a local cover band. Frank can be at contacted at