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Don Hughes

Former CEO Great Plains Christian Radio

What is the Vision for your Ministry?




In your ministry over the airwaves, do you have a vision?  Proverbs 29:18 reads “Where there is no vision the people perish.”  Therefore, a ministry needs vision to succeed!  In this particular verse in Proverbs, vision is referred to as the revelation of God. The development of a vision is the key factor that compels people to listen day-by-day, and to support your broadcast ministry.

People want to be involved in something big in life.  A dynamic radio ministry can be a key part in satisfying that desire.  Most everyone wants to be part of a family where they can give – and receive – support and encouragement, which is what draws people to become fans of sports teams.  Develop the idea among your listeners that they are all part of the family... part of the team.   Then they will know their participation in your ministry is essential.  When they see the compelling vitality your station offers, they will support the overall vision of the broadcast ministry.

Examine the concept of sports teams:  The fans will say, "We won!" when their favorite team wins a game, even though it was only a few on the team that did all the work on the field.  The fans have a desire and a vision for their team to win, and they feel their support of the team is vital.   Have your listening audience join you in this same kind of enthusiasm for the ministry.   Show them the winning spirit of being one in the body of Christ, in order to communicate taking the Gospel to a world that needs hope and encouragement.

Your listeners will perceive and act upon the vision that you present.  It is up to you to share with them the excitement and vitality of your ministry.  Your audience will not understand anything more than what you present to them.  You need to ensure that your listeners take personal ownership of that vision, so that they will be as excited about the ministry opportunities Christian radio brings as you are.  Then they will team with you in helping advance the ministry and in keeping it supported financially.


When I hear a radio station conducting an on-air fundraising event, most of the time the communication is to "call now and make your monthly pledge or one-time commitment to the broadcast ministry."  What are you really asking your listeners to support?  Do they know what their money is funding?  Can they see and are they excited about the vision of your radio station?  You need to transmit the enthusiasm of the vision.  Don’t just inform the listeners of the financial needs, but engage them in the challenge by participation.  What you say and the way you say it is everything.  Share with them your vision!

If you have a liner that says "more music, less talk," does that motivate contributions?  With this statement, you are under-selling what the station is really all about.   Is this the vision that started the broadcast ministry?  I doubt people sat around a table to establish the radio station and said the goal is to “play mostly music and speak very few words."  No…most likely your radio ministry began with a desire to reach the lost and a passion to edify the body of Christ. That's the mission and the vision.  Don’t lose sight of that!


Consider this for a theme statement to your share-a-thon:

"Matthew 28:19-20 states that we should take the gospel to the whole world.  At the touch of a radio dial, this broadcast ministry you are listening to is available wherever radio can reach.  In schools, homes, cars, medical care facilities, prisons, businesses – wherever there is a radio, there is a chance for someone to hear the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.  We're also broadcasting online, using the internet and other technologies to take this ministry to a wider audience.  The opportunity for you to be involved in this outreach is available to you with your monthly contribution.  In Acts 2:44 it speaks to the church having all things in common.  We are the body of believers and we have this ministry in common.  This is God’s radio station, and it is your (the listener’s) radio station."

This is really what you are all about, isn’t it?  So tell them that!  Get your vision from the Lord, then share this with your audience.  Make them excited about the possibilities of what Christian radio can do and how they can be a vital part of it all.

Make this vision the theme of your next share-a-thon, even months prior to the call-in days, and it will transform – not only the financial support – but the overall involvement from your audience.  The excitement generated within the listener-base will carry on from the week-long fundraiser through the next year because they will share your vision and passion for the ministry.

The second half of that verse I started with from Proverbs 29 reads, "Happy are those who keep His law."  We are commanded by God to preach His Word with the vision.  Your ministry not only needs a vision to be successful – it is required to have one by almighty God!

For more on fundraising visit the His Air archives (under the title “Guest Articles”) and find ten other articles on the subject written by Don Hughes.  Call me if you like; I am willing to talk to you about fundraising.  My number is (620) 408-5185 and my e-mail address,   I have many years of experience in Christian broadcasting and I am waiting on God for my next assignment.


With Great Plains Christian Radio Don put KJIL on the air in 1991 in a town of 1500 people, Meade, KS.  The one station expanded to nine full power stations and forty translators over a 19 year period.  Don developed the fundraising plan to take the organization to an annual income of over two million dollars in rural Kansas. Don was also involved with putting WMHK in SC on the air and WGRC in PA. Don has won numerous awards as an individual for news, sports, production and air personality.  Also, KJIL is a five time winner of Station of the Year. Contact Don