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Dave Purin
WHCB Bristol

Pursuit of Relevance





Have we lost our focus in pursuit of relevance?


Christian Radio is not merely entertainment.  It has saddened me over the years to see so many stations passing on songs or teaching programs in exchange for better ratings.  Using the time instead to talk about the new taco at Taco Bell or who won on American Idol.  Don't get me wrong.  I LOVE to have fun and goof around and most people consider me a quick witted, funny guy.  However...Christian radio is there to be a beacon for Christ.  It is there to draw people to Him through music, teaching and DJ interaction.  There is always room for fun, but, MINISTRY first.


Christian radio is a huge ministry tool.  I believe in solid Biblical teaching mixed well with current songs that sing about who Christ is.  I have heard many stories of listeners who wouldn't attend church but started listening to the radio and were drawn to Christ by what they heard there.  That is a huge responsibility and one I don't take lightly.  Again, I feel there is room for fun and craziness but when that's all it becomes and Christ is nowhere to be found, you might as well take out the word Christian.



It basically comes down to this.  A lot (not all) but a lot of Christian radio has become too soft.  Too "relevant".  I have talked to music programmers who don't play certain songs because they are too "preachy" and they don't want to overwhelm the seeker.

I think Christian radio needs to be relevant, I think Christian Radio needs to have material that engages listeners and is easy for the seeker to understand.  However, I don't think the message of the gospel needs to be watered down in any way to achieve that goal.

I'm not talking about "hellfire and brimstone" messages, but the time is short.  Christ is coming back and as Christian broadcasters we are in a strategic place to draw people into the kingdom of God.


I love all kinds of music so I don't necessarily think that it has to be old hymns, choirs etc.  But one of my pet peeves are these songs that never mention Christ and could easily be something sung to a boyfriend or girlfriend.  Or when the biggest problem the singer has is that she can't find her car keys...OK, I digress ;)  This is just personal opinion and taste and I have never and will never base programming on that.  I have a love for music and a background in Biblical studies that God has used to help me to program songs that are current, popular but with the message of Christ clearly shining through.


That's all I want to do and I want to do it in an environment where everyone is on the same page and we are working together to reach the lost and disciple the saved with what we are putting out over the airwaves.



Dave Purin is a graduate of Toccoa Falls College with a BS in Pastoral Ministry.  Dave got his start in Christian Radio while a student at TFC at WRAF.  He's worked as Morning Host/Music Director at WJLU in Daytona Beach and Afternoon Host/Music Director at KAXL Bakersfield, CA.  Currently Dave is the Music Director and on air at WHCB in Bristol, TN.