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Dan Young
KGCB Prescott

The End Of Fundraisers?




What is your product?

Let me ask a slightly different way.

What new thing is in the world today because of what you did yesterday?

Especially as we’re in ‘Sharathon’ season, this is an absolutely vital question to ask yourself, and your team. The answer will change the way you approach your fundraiser.


If your product is music, then fundraisers are a distraction. If it means we talk more and play less music, then a fundraiser is when we tighten the spigot and become less generous toward our fans.


If your product is a community, then fundraisers are a means to an end. We ask them to join the ‘support community’ so we can continue to build the ‘listening community’.

With that thought in mind, I have one more question.


If you could operate your radio station without ever needing to do a fundraiser, how would you feel about it?


Did Kool & the Gang just start singing ‘Celebrate Good Times’ in your head?


Okay, now I’ll give you my best attempt at answering my own questions.


I serve at a Christian ministry. We use Christian media to reach people for Christ, and to strengthen the faith of believers.

Our product, in a very real sense, is a person whose life has been changed. That person with a strengthened relationship with Jesus is the ‘new thing’ in the world that wasn’t there yesterday. No, we didn’t produce the actual person or their faith – God did that. Marriage counselors don’t literally produce people or relationships, but I’d say that their product would still be a balanced, healthy married couple. Yes,  our immediate product is ‘media’, but in our case, if the ‘media’ we produce doesn’t lead to change lives, we have wasted our time and God’s resources.

I believe that when your listener gives your ministry a donation, they are entrusting you with the resources that God has asked them to steward. It is a holy transaction; God takes the fickle, temporary things of the world and turns them into eternal impact. That donor is stepping into a supernatural process by which God is growing their heart, strengthening their faith, and helping them realize that they’re making a difference in the world around them. Generosity is a funny thing – once the seed blossoms in a person’s heart, it grows and grows... but often, somebody needs to plant the seed to get that beautiful process started. That’s where you, and your fundraiser, step in.


The person that benefits first (and at times, the most) from a donation is the donor. (This has been scientifically verified again and again.) Your fundraiser is not a distraction from your product. Your fundraiser is one of the best tools in your toolbox to create your final product: a listener who is now closer to Jesus than they were before they met you.

When I was little, I was slow to learn how to ride a bike. I was afraid of falling. My dad made it clear to me that learning to ride is a little scary at first, but once I got the hang of it, that bike would take me to new places, new neighborhoods – it would expand my horizons in a big way. My life would be different. He was right, of course. In the same way, your fundraiser is when you get to put that fan or listener up on a bike. Scary at first, but once God helps them get the hang of it… their lives will become a new kind of journey. Expanded horizons. New ways to be used by God. New places, new neighborhoods… changed lives.

Your ‘Sharathon’ is an exciting opportunity for your listeners to step into the vision that God has for the people in your market. You are blessing your fan with the privilege of making a donation that will be used by God to change lives… and theirs will be the first life changed.


 Next time, we’ll explore why it is so important to be nearly invisible in this whole process. Sometimes, it is better to be felt than seen.


Dan Young is Program Director at KGCB in Prescott, AZ... he can reached at



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