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Coppelia Rivera
KSBJ Houston

A New Sharathon experience





I’ve been doing radio fundraisers since my first one in 1999 at “The Rock Radio Network” in Puerto Rico. Back then, we were a small staff with many volunteers. We learned as much as we could from Sharemedia materials, and it was definitely a team effort. Almost 60 years of ministry later, they’re still going strong!


A few years later at K-LOVE and Air 1, I was able to experience fundraising on a whole other level. The dedication of the entire staff & volunteers is impressive. There are “pep rallies”, sign-up sheets, lots of food & fun! I also had the privilege of working with Sharemedia President Todd Isberner, and learned a lot on air from pros like Bill Scott and Dave Kirby. Bill’s “faith hours” are the best!


This past week I experienced my first Sharathon at KSBJ. Last year, the monthly operating goal was met on Day 2! I was psyched! I was expecting the phones to ring off the hook, right off the bat!


Realistically, I figured it would be a mix of my past experiences: a smaller staff with dedicated volunteers and a strong legacy of ministry, plus the benefit of having experts and the best tools available to help us reach the goal. You learn something new with every fundraiser, and I was ready to learn.


One of the things I learned is that whether it’s a small station, a big one, or somewhere in between, it’s very easy to get caught up in the moment, the craziness and the hype! This is especially true when you are broadcasting in a room full of volunteers, ringing phones, typing accountants, rovers with microphones and more, LIVE, like we do at KSBJ!

From an on-air perspective, I know that every break must count. You want people to be moved by what you just said, so much so that they’ll stop what they’re doing, grab their iPhones and be a part of the “phone blitz” … wait for it … NOW!!!


But I also learned that, regardless of the hype and the “need” for people to call, we (I) must be careful to remember the heart of what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. Giving is very much an issue of the heart. It’s a spiritual thing more than a physical thing. If from the outset there is praise and a focus on the God who provides; if there is actual ministry occurring along with the asking; and if there is a genuine faith in the team that we CAN do this through Christ who gives us strength, you set yourself up to win. Not to us, but to God be the glory! J


Coppelia is a 10 year of Christian radio veteran whose on air work included K-LOVE and The Rock Radio Network. Currently she is afternoon co-host at KSBJ Houston. Coppelia can be contacted at