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KSBJ Houston

An ode to Christian music




Hello, My Name Is “me”.

Some days, I wonder if God really loves me.

Then I hear on the radio that I Can Just Be Me.

I can let Love Take Me Over on God’s Great Dance Floor.

I can dance, Unashamed of You!

I can Sing of Your Glory Now!

So I Sing of Your Glory Now in my car, at home, at work and at school.

Sometimes I Sing of Your Glory Now through my tears.

Then you remind me I’m an Overcomer.

Together, We Won’t Be Shaken.

This is Amazing Grace.

And it Starts With “me”.


For those of us who are Christian radio DJs/Jocks/On-air personalities, it’s always good to sit down & really think about our listener. We get so busy “prepping our shows”, that we forget to think about them. Is She having a good day or a bad day? Is Dad upset that his kid’s getting bullied? Are they feeling loved, or like God isn’t answering their prayers? Maybe they typed in the wrong address and followed the GPS to the wrong location!

The next time we turn on the mic, we could mentally jump in the car with them & try to listen a little better. We can try to dig a little deeper when we answer “Hi, (insert your station here), and it’s another song request. Maybe she’s going through something. He could be struggling. So we can reassure them. Encourage them. Inspire them. And invite them to put “Jesus at the Center.”


**I had to throw in one more song title. Couldn’t resist!

Coppelia is a 10 year of Christian radio veteran whose on air work included K-LOVE and The Rock Radio Network. Currently she is morning
co-host at KSBJ Houston. Coppelia can be contacted at


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