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Brian Wright
Audience Development Group

Theatrical Props




One of the best ways to connect emotionally with your target listeners is to frequently engage them by way of short-burst audience interaction. When done properly, this interaction can and will make your show far more magnetic and considerably more memorable.


This interaction should be injected some form each 15-20 minutes, at a minimum to have the impact you need. This doesn’t need to be in the form of an ongoing topic but it can be at times. The idea is to get listeners on the stage as much as possible, casting the image that you are all about them. Listeners love this.


Always welcome each caller by name, eliminating all of the meaningless and bulky setup. “…up to 92 this afternoon! Whew…Jessica how are you going to stay cool today…” Then right into Jessica’s recorded comment. No need for things like, “…well, lets go to the phone line now…hi WADG who is this…?”


The best way to make this happen for both live and tracked shows is to create what we call a “Theatrical Prop” team. These are people who agree to let you call them to get comments that pertain to your show. These are recorded for later use when you are live or tracked. These people can be coworkers, friends or relatives who take on the role of the average listener. These theatrical props will help condition your audience to participate as well. Be great and have fun!


Brian is a 30 year radio veteran who has successfully served many companies over the years as Program Director, Operations Manger and VP of programming. After many years of success working for individual radio stations and clusters, Brian Joined one of the most trusted consulting firms in the country, Audience Development Group. For the last 15 years Wright has enjoyed building alliances with scores of stations in the US & Canada helping them grow in ratings and revenue. Contact Brian at


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