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Brian Sanders
Positive Alternative Radio

Christian Radio... Nervous



The following is an exclusive blog for Hisair.Net provided by Positive Alternative Radioís blog, where you can find many more blogs!


Dear Christian Radio,

Iím nervous.

No.  Iím not nervous about the future of terrestrial.  We have a viable platform.  I donít see terrestrial signals as a negative.  We have raving fans that listen to those signalsÖfaithfully.  Theyíre such fans that theyíre willing to donate on a monthly basis.  The audience that listens to the terrestrial can be leveraged and used to expand the brand of any one of our local stations.  If theyíre willing to donate to our station, theyíre willing to tell their family and friends, who live in another state or another country, about our apps.  One of our strategic objectives at PAR is to make our listeners and donors into evangelists for their local PAR station. That local terrestrial audience is key and Iíll take that advantage over any internet-only radio station. 


No.  Iím not nervous about the new digital dashboard coming to new automobiles.  It gives us an opportunity to put our apps in every vehicle and on every smartphone in America.  The challenge isnít whether our fans and donors will carry our app with them to the new dashboard.  The challenge is will they have a reliable Internet connection and pay a higher rate to their provider to have enough data to stream. 


No. Iím not nervous about the next generation not listening to local Christian radio.  I believe Christian radio is married to the church.  Pray that the Lord would redeem the next generation and allow them to be discipled in a local church.  As new believers become involved in a local Christian community  - that group of believers will help convince those new believers to make Christian radio a part of their walk with God.  Yes, I believe that.  Why? I believe in the power of God operating through the local church. 


But yesÖIím nervous.   


As I type this, my Denver Broncos are battling with the Colts.  Come on Broncos!!!!


This is the biggest week of the year for Positive Alternative Radio.  Itís Vision week.


PARís 17 leaders will gather and we will review what we did last year and begin planning the next 5.


Iím giving the keynote address Tuesday morning.  A five-year vision for PAR, and to say Iím nervous is an understatement. 


After Iíve laid out the grand strategy, our leaders will then present their portion of how to achieve that strategy.  Over the course of 4 days we will hear about social media, websites, on-air programming, culture building, leadership coaching, expansion plans, innovation and creativity.   


I wish you could be in the room - the talent and passion in that hotel conference room would blow you away. 


Iím nervous that not more stations have a Vision Week.  Letís be honest, local Christian radio stations could use a Vision Week. 


Dear Christian Radio,


1.      Gather your team together and dream.  Plan for the future.  When is the last time you gathered your leaders in a room for a strategy session?  PAR does it annually.  Trust me, it makes a difference.  A double-digit difference.


2.      Be nervous about the right things.  There are some who love to trumpet radioís demise.  Last time I checked, we have sizeable audiences.  Leverage your local audience to reach the non-local audience.  If you donít have a plan for that Ė then you should be nervous.


3.      Pray for PAR this week as we meet.  We covet your prayers as we gather to strategize and dream.


4.      Finally, be watching for one or maybe even two press releases.  I wonder what those could be about?? 


Brian is the Executive Vice President of Positive Alternative Radio in Blacksburg.

PAR has six brands which include Spirit FM in Lynchburg, VA; WCQR in Kingsport, TN; Positive Hits, WPER in Richmond/Fredericksburg, VA; Joy FM in Winston Salem, NC; Walk FM in Ashland, KY, Huntington,WV; and Joy FM in Union City, OH.



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