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Brant Hansen
Air1 Personality

Workshops I'd REALLY Like to Attend
at a Christian Radio Convention







#1 The God Still Loves You Workshop


In this workshop, we'll talk about our strange jobs.


We'll talk about the fact that you talk about God all the time, and do Christian-y stuff. And you suspect, if you're being honest, that you're being a poser sometimes. 


You grapple with the fact that you're much different off the air than you are on it, hoping to simultaneously collect a paycheck while avoiding complaints from judgmental listeners.


You even have doubts. Sometimes, you're so immersed in it, that the whole "Christian thing", the whole story, doesn't quite seem real to you.


You even struggle with the idea of "using" God to make your salary. 


In this workshop, we'll get this out in the open. And then we'll discuss how God still loves you, anyway. Lots. And we'll talk about how He's actually not angry at you, or even disappointed, because when He looks at you, He sees Jesus.


We're forgetful, so we need to be told this. Often. 



#2 The Competition Trap: The There's No 'There' There Workshop


Deep down, you wonder how you stack up to everyone else. And you'd like to be considered, somehow, in some way, important in this Christian radio field, small though it is.


We'll discuss how this is both a) completely normal, and b) utterly foolish. We'll discuss how many who've climbed the Christian radio "hill" still seem to radiate insecurity, because our idea of "success" never works like we thought it would. 


Especially in Christian radio, we should know this, but we forget. So we'll remind each other.


And, PLEASE NOTE:  We will finish this workshop by laughing about it. And if there's anyone left who thinks they're truly a big shot, we'll laugh AT them. And not behind their backs, either. 


Nope. We'll laugh at them, directly in front of them… until they can start laughing, too.



#3 The Forgiveness Workshop


Sure, we "love" our listeners. 


But not ALL of them. 


Some are just jerks, through-and-through. Or crazy. And not just run-of-the-mill crazy, they're crazy-plus-religion crazy. They're judgmental, unfair, uninformed, willfully ignorant, and they give us fodder for endless, "Can you BELIEVE that caller said…" - type stories. 


And then there are the ones who REALLY bug us, the they-might-actually-be-right listeners. Grrr.


But we have to forgive them. Fast. Because God said so, for one thing, but for another: We're just as bad as they are. We'll talk about how, yes, we CAN "believe" that last caller said that because the world, and even the Church, has always been that way: Full of misfits and weirdos. Shame on us for being continually surprised.


So we'll talk about letting it go. (There is a pre-requisite for this workshop: You must first attend the "God Loves You" workshop, because until that soaks in - really, truly soaks in - you really can't forgive other people at all.)



#4 The "Get Over Ourselves" Workshop


We'll talk about how wonderful it would be, for both ourselves and our listeners, if we could finally get over ourselves. 


We would be more encouraging than ever to people, because we'd be coming from a place of neither low, nor high, self-esteem. We'd not be thinking of ourselves at all. 


This would be creatively freeing, too, as we sit down each day to prep, thinking, "What an opportunity I have today to point people to Christ in a hundred different ways," without constantly being self-referential. We'll talk about moving from listener-focus as a radio strategy, to actually focusing on others because, well… that's what you do when you are freed up to love people.


We'll acknowledge that yes, many of us - all of us? - went into this field because we needed affirmation, but we'll talk about how we can, in fact, grow up. 


Our lives will be better, and so will our listeners'.



#5 The Facebook Breakout Group (after the "Get Over Ourselves Workshop")


We'll remind ourselves that nobody, ultimately, gives a rip how many "likes" we got on that last post. 


And we'll learn to use Facebook to actually SERVE others. We'll talk about strategies for actually responding to listeners who take the time to post on our wall.


Like, say, this two-pronged strategy:


1. Just respond


2. There is no "2"


Since they're attempting to connect with us, and we're aware of it, we'll talk about how we can take a moment to read what they wrote, and, at least, click "like" to show them we're thankful for the comment.


We'll entertain rebuttals from radio hosts who are such big celebrities that they can't possibly do this, but then we'll talk to those with even larger Facebook followings who make the time to treat people well.



#6 The "Seasons" Workshop


We'll do a little Bible study, and remind ourselves just how silly all the anxiety is that we bring with us each day. 


We'll talk about how jobs, even careers, are mere seasons in our lives, and, ultimately, God doesn't evaluate us based on our ideas of success.


And, wonderfully, neither do the people who love us.


We'll talk about what an HONOR it is to be invited into someone's personal space, like into their cars, to share, one-and-one, just how good God is. But then we'll acknowledge, together, that this is just a season, and not our identity. 


And God loves us, as we are, naked before him. And that means no headphones, no small-time celebrity status, no perfectly selected profile picture. 


Just us. And He loves us. And, boy, does that sure take the pressure off.



...and then we'll all go to Space Mountain, buy $16 chicken baskets, laugh our way through the "Small World" ride, and call it a day.



Brant Hansen is an air personality at Air1.  His email address is



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