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Bill Scott

Saying Thank You




Saying Thank You.


Sounds pretty simple doesnít it?  At the end of each fundraiser you really need to say thank you to your donors.  You would be surprised how many fundraisers Iíve heard end and no thank you promoís are running on the air.


People for days have given you free money.  Thatís hard earned money.  They believed in your ministry enough to call and give you F R E E money.  Every donor wants to know a couple of things.  1.)  Will my donation make a difference?  2.)  Does the radio station appreciate my gift?


You cannot say thank you enough to your listeners.  I think some of us have lived in the non-profit world for so long we feel as though we deserve the money and of course people will give.  In case you havenít noticed thereís more Christian radio in your market and other ways of getting Christian music other than your station.  I signed up for the new Apple music subscription. 

For $10.00 a month I can get any song I want including all my favorite Christian tunes.  I can play them when I want them, in the order I wish etcÖ  All I am saying is itís not just a give me that people are going to give to your station and when they do itís a really big deal and you need to love on those donors.


Hereís a couple of things you can do to love on your listeners during your actual fundraiser and right after itís over.


1.     For those who give $500.00 or more, shoot a quick video from the staff or manager saying thank you to that donor and email it to them.  Most listeners are blown away when they receive this video.  Shoot the video the day they gave the donation and email the video the same day.

2.    Say thank you a number of times on the air during your fundraiser.  Let listeners know how much their gifts mean to your staff and ministry.

3.    Make a personal phone call to major donors after your event is over.  Your donor will be surprised to hear from you.

4.    Make sure after your fundraiser is over that you have promoís running on the air for a couple of weeks thanking your listeners.  Itís great to have the personalities make this part of their content while they are live on the air.


You cannot say thank you enough.  Love on your donors, let them know how much they mean to you.  Take your larger donors out to dinner, golf, coffee.  Find out what their love language is.  Having a relationship with your larger donors is a must if you plan on keeping them long term.


Bill Scott is a fundraising consultant and on-air host with ShareMedia Services. He'd be glad to hear from you at


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