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Bill Scott

You Canít Top This




You Canít Top This


Well actually you can.  If you have ever hosted a fundraiser than youíll know what I am about to talk about.  I donít care how good you are, you have committed this sin during your on-air event.


Most of us are very passionate about raising funds for our radio station.  In the heat of the battle we desire to share great stories that will help the listener understand the impact your station has in the lives of your listeners.  Itís been proven that stories are king.  A great story can move a listener to make a donation to your radio ministry. 


One of the biggest mistakes you can make while raising money on-air is to begin topping one another.  What do I mean by that?  Say you have two or three hosts on the air at the same time.  Host one begins to share this heart moving story, host two gets so excited about that story and it reminds them of a story they heard so they share it with even more passion, host three is now so excited that they have to share their story, each topping the other.  Each story cancels out the other and pretty soon your audience is on overload and you have destroyed your case message.


The whole K.I.S.S. slogan works here, Keep It Simple Stupid.   One case message per break.  Plan this out before you turn on the micís.  Topping one another on the air is easily done if you are not focused and havenít structured your break in advance.  Host one can share really quick that you are in your fundraiser and give the number, host two can share a story that is a heart moving plus give the number and host three can share how the story applies to the listener and how you can make a difference right now with your gift, also giving the number three or four times.  This structure provides you a great case message.  The listener has the number throughout the message, they have one simple story, how it applies to them and now the number so they can invest in your radio ministry.


While reading this itís easy to be thinking this is a no brainer, you might be right but it happens all the time. 


As a fundraising coach and host with ShareMedia Services, I am all the time pushing this with clients.  It doesnít matter how big the station, how talented the announcers are, we all have toppitis  at some point.  Yes, there is a medical term for this on-air disease.  


Hold each other accountable when you hear announcers topping each other.  Plan your breaks so everyone knows what their part is.  Youíll be surprised how clean your breaks will sound and youíll also be surprised at how effective your messaging will be.


Happy fundraising.


Bill Scott is a fundraising consultant and on-air host with ShareMedia Services. He'd be glad to hear from you at


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