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Bill Scott
iBelieve Magazine

The 5 Doníts At Your Fundraiser



As you know itís fundraiser season.  Iíve already been on the road for a few weeks.  I am excited to report they have been great events so far.  I have a feeling this is going to be a great fall.  Perhaps Iíll see you on the road soon.


There are 5 doníts that even station needs to keep in mind with your fundraiser on the way.  I am sure we could dig down further and come up with more but I think this will do for today.


1.)  DO NOT be shy about asking for money.  If you are uncomfortable asking for money, your audience will be uncomfortable giving you money.  People often ask why the phones ring when I am on the air.  I honestly believe itís because I donít mind asking for money.  I believe itís Biblical and it actually blesses your listeners.  I can ask all day long for a station or ministry that is allowing God to use their organization to see lives changed.


2.)  DO NOT get on the air without a plan.  No where you are going for the hour.  What is your goal?  You cannot hit a goal that doesnít exist.  Have a call goal or monetary goal.  Know what your breaks are going to look like and what role each host will play.


3.)  DO NOT top each other on the air.  Hey, itís easier than you think.  ShareMedia sounds like a broken record when it comes to this and for good reason.  Host 1 talks about a wonderful story, host 2 then shares an even better story which cancels out the first story.  That is toping each other.  One story from one person and build your break around that.  I realize we all get caught up in the fundraiser and itís easy to throw out stories but lets make sure we keep it simple and impactful.


4.)  DO NOT forget itís about the listener.  Itís their station, not yours.   Stop saying our station, us, me etcÖ  This is your station, give so your station can impact others, help your station hit the goal, help your station make a difference.  The ownership needs to belong to the listener.


5.)  DO NOT forget to answer the WHY.  Why should a listener give?  Trust me itís not because you have great music, although I am sure you do.  Itís because your great music, events, announcers have changed lives through the power of Christ.  Share a ton of stories of changed lives.  Stories are king.  Share why people need to give, always answer the why.


I hope these 5 doníts help you during your fall fundraisers.  If you have any questions, shoot me a note at


Bill is a Sharathon host with Share Media and also with iBelieve Media producing a new digital magazine for Christian radio called iBelieve Magazine. Contact Bill at



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