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Bill Lurwick
WKNZ Milford

What I learned, from a Bartender



What I learned, from a Bartender (?) About Branding:

I was at a local establishment having dinner recently, when another customer who was obviously a 'regular', unlike me came in. The next few minutes of interaction captured mine and everyone else around me's attention, and made every single one of us laugh and smile. It was a memorable moment that left a lasting impression.


The 'Regular' spoke to those gathered, and then sat down in his regular spot, and started reviewing, apparently in disgust the same menu he had looked at over, and over, and over again in previous visits.

I say 'in disgust' because he put the menu down on the bar when the guy in charge of it came over to ask what he was having. With disdain, the Regular said to the Bartender, "I feel like a Hot Dog tonight!" 


Since this was an 'Italian Speciality' watering hole, there was no 'hot dog' within 10 miles of their menu. 

They loudly bantered back and forth, and several other 'regular' patrons even began a chant: "Hot Dog!, Hot Dog! Hot Dog!..." It was pretty humorous, but that's not what was the most memorable moment.


Mr. Regular ended up settling on a bowl of French Onion Soup (I know, it's an Italian restaurant right?).

The bartender went back to his duties, and all was apparently forgotten and forgiven.

About 15 minutes later, after the 'Regular' had already received his soup order, a wait staff person appeared and handed the Bartender (you guessed it), a plate with a Hot Dog and chips on it that he delivered to The Regular. 

Everyone broke out into cheers and stopped what they were doing! The Regular couldn't stop smiling. His act of service was the focus of Joy and admiration.

How did he get the Hot Dog? Down the street from this establishment was a convenience store that sold Hot Dogs. He asked another employee of the restaurant to run down and pick one up for him to give to the Regular. 

The Regular was in shock as was everyone else.

What can we take away from this?

 1. They'll be talking about this "Remember the time..." moment for many years to come.


2. The Bartender raised his CUME exponentially through this moment that cost him next to nothing. 


3. The world is a better place, because someone cared enough about someone else to selflessly meet their needs.


What else?_____________________________________________


Celebrating 25 years behind the mic in 2014! PD & Afternoon Host at 88.7 The Bridge. Married to Vivian for 24 years with 3 grown children Alex, Sami, & Rachael. Contact Bill at



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