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Beth Bacall
WAWZ New York Star 99.1

The Score: Love, Love






I laughed out loud after reading Lara Scott's recent article "Mom's The Word."   Making the transition from working full-time to being a full-time working mom
with a newborn is demanding and uses every ounce of energy and emotion. In case you missed it, Lara gave an amazing visual in this article of the make-shift
home studio her station installed in her bathroom. There sits one of LA's premier air talents on a toilet while talking up the latest by Jeremy Camp
song complete with Mr. Clean who has been lobbying to co-host.  This is one of the most indisputable signs of segueing into motherhood I have ever seen.
Personally, after I had my kids I was offered the home studio option but wanted to work at the station just so I could get some peace and quiet!  (Lara note:  I
still come in to the office on fundraiser days, and I agree--that's easier than taking care of a baby!)

This is a prime representation of the demo we seek to please: the woman who bends over backwards to get it all done, whether she has kids, pets, in-laws to
care for or an overly-demanding boss. Granted, broadcasting from your bathroom is an extraneous situation but this woman is working it all in the name of
Mommy-dom. Working moms in our industry have an advantage as we can immediately relate to our target demo and what they might be dealing with; be it a baby,
sale of a house, a hormonal middle-schooler or finances. It's about relationship and who she is dealing with; a doctor, her kids teacher, a co-worker or checkout
clerk. Yes, the way she is treated when she spends her money makes a difference to her. A sneer, glare or smile goes a long way. Your relationship with her as
she's plotting through her list is key.

I recently connected with David Emerson; middays at The River in Columbus, Ohio. David felt like he had too many strikes against him to do well in this female
driven format. He's a 26 year old single male, with no children and he comes from a family of Atheists. He felt that the fact that he was not married nor had
kids would work against him.  This is why we need to water our talent. This jock is quite good and has a lot going for him; he just needed someone to bring it
out. When I asked what he "loved" the first thing he said was: his family, followed by food, musicals, Glee, sports and music.  If that's not female
relatable, I don't know what is. So he doesn't have kids yet, use someone else's to make some fun drops. You don't have to be directly in her world just be
aware. Read a new blog, check out store window displays, check out the woman in front of you at Target (and if you get talking and she's single maybe we can
change that marital status). Every article, consultant and statistic I read regarding the longevity of radio states that talent, meaning the actual physical
not voice tracked radio personality is key. Kudo's to Lara's station, The Fish In Los Angeles, for recognizing her need. I've asked her to finish this article
with a brief update on how she's handling transitioning.

Thank you so much, Beth.  Let's see...Colic!  2.5 hours of sleep a night for 5 months!  Leaving the house with spit-up on me and dried baby food in my hair! 
"Taking a bath" with baby wipes!  Yes, I am a mom.  :-)  And I LOVE being a mom!  I also love now having tons of show prep just by getting up each day.  I used to
cry even harder when I would talk to moms, ask them if it ever gets easier with a child, and they would say, "No, just different."  But I can honestly say that
now, six months in, day-to-day life is a little more manageable. I have to say, though, that I could not do this without some wonderful babysitters that come in
to watch Dallas while I am working, as The Fish has been wonderful to me and deserves the same level of dedication and focus that I had B.B. (Before Baby) 
If you are a new mom or mom-to-be, I encourage you to talk to YOUR company to see if they would be open to something like what I am doing: setting up a home
studio, doing a daily show and updating my blog, FB, and Twitter, and coming in for fundraisers, client meetings, and events.  Please make sure you have enough
help (from hubby, a family member, or babysitter)to realistically allow you to get everything done (from prep to recording to conference calls), as even working from home can be tough with a little one.  Or maybe you will be that woman

with the kid who starts sleeping seven hours a night the moment you come home from the hospital, although I don't recommend sharing that info with any other
bleary-eyed new moms.  :-)


Beth Bacall Is an air personality at WAWZ New York Start 99.1. Reach her at