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Beth Bacall
WAWZ New York Star 99.1

Speaking Less and Saying More





It’s been a season of loss for many; “these recessionary times” is a phrase beyond played out yet too many are feeling it through the loss of a job, a marriage, a house or a child, and this hurt broadens ones awareness for their need for Contemporary Christian Radio. Since events are happening on an extremely large scale inside immediate circle   I can only imagine what could be going on in the lives of my listener. What’s a good friend or an air personality to do? Listen. That’s right, listen. People need to process, vent and discuss all the emotion welled up inside. I know you’re not a therapist and you have a stopset to run and other calls to edit and maybe even an EAS test to run but really if you take the time to listen you will get compelling content, super serve your listener, and possibly learn a thing or two. Let them do the talking (you can always hit insert record and add what you really should say later.) It’s been my experience that when someone is seeking advice they will ask for it, otherwise they just really want to be heard.

When I pray for my friends I seek guidance as to how I can comfort and help them. Yet the blessing comes solely from God. Perhaps I’ll be used in the process, perhaps not. These friends need just what you and I need when we have ‘issues’; support, love and understanding plus any possible contacts we can share and they need it consistently, this is not a one time affair. On the air our friends need hope. It’s a curious piece when jocks get a supposedly “great’ phone call speaking about the loss of a loved one. In our heads we hear a well produced, compelling story that ramps nicely into Steven Curtis Chapman’s “With Hope” but tread cautiously, an opposite effect can happen as those who share the same situation don’t necessarily get relief when hearing about another’s struggle in a painful way.  This is not to say these calls should not be used, they should but in a way that brings hope not in a way that showcases grief, in a way that allows the music to minister to the person and their situation as this one person represents many. It’s a small percentage of our actual listener that takes the time to call a station or a particular personality. Out of everyone in their life they choose you because of the music you play and because of what your station stands for. It’s a gift that should be recorded and used on the air in a way that strengthens the “doctor/patient’ relationship.

I know your busy doing fifty million other things and sometimes you want to just get them to the first “out” but take the time to do it right, people relate to others and their situations. The best way to get the most out of any call is to let them talk, remembering we are personalities not Pastors. Sure there are times for the quick witty fun response but when the topic is of a personal, sensitive nature creating a space for them to really reveal what’s up should give you substantial material to work with when you get your fingers on the edit button, this will also reinforce their need for your station, thus speaking less and saying more.


Beth Bacall Is an air personality at WAWZ New York Start 99.1. Reach her at