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Ace McKay
WJQK Grand Rapids

Morning Shows Are Just A Bunch of Kids!



Now before you get frustrated with me about the fact that I called you or your morning show “a kid”, I want you to know this is not a blog on “How To Bash Your Air Talent” but I hope its something that encourages or challenges because as air talent, no matter how long we have been on the air, we need to be teach able and we need nurturing like that of a child.


As a Dad of 6 in a blended family, balancing my time with each child and speaking their love language properly is so vital to their success but also the success of the relationship I have with them. With respect and open-ended conversation, kids want to know they can talk to Dad about anything and make him proud. Much like we as believers want to make our Heavenly Father proud in the good things we do. We should be feeding into their lives and being present to show them love.


As a programmer, I’ve realized I enjoy investing into my air talent as much as I enjoy being on the air. I love to watch them succeed!  I don’t want to only point out what they are doing that needs correction because while being a good dad or a good leader to your morning show, it helps them to build on the things they are doing well when we point it out and pointing it out often gives the confidence to keep going.


Kids follow by example in not just what they see us do, but also in building on the reinforcement of what they already have done well that they know you approve of or makes you proud. By telling them what you admire about their performance, its helps them feel good. They will want to recreate that feeling by doing more stuff like that.


It’s not ease to scold a child and scolding a morning show is even harder. There’s habits and hang ups that can weigh them down and in years with John Frost and Tommy Kramer, “people don’t know what they don’t know.” With a child they are impressionable and with teachable morning shows and air talent, you have the chance to see them learn new technics and ways to be better communicators. Some talents “don’t know what they don’t know” because no one took the time “to train them in the ways they should go.” Showing them what talents they have and how proud you are of them, they will begin to replace old habits with new ones or bad habits with good ones.


1 Corinthians 4 talks about that we are “equipped with the everything we need from God” to be successful and accomplish what’s in front of us. Fostering that is like watching a child become a better musician or athlete; its takes talents, its takes patience and it takes time.


No one wants to grow up but we have the open door to walk through to a child and to our air staff today that shows them you care about them. Choosing to love on them the right ways will better their shows, your brand and build them to be the talent God has crafted them to be.


Ace McKay is one half of the show “Ace & Sabrina in the Morning” on WJQK-JQ 99.3 in Grand Rapids, MI. Ace can be reached at



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