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Ace McKay
Ace Books Consulting

Avoiding a Bad Show 101:
Assuming Leads to Disconnect






Think about one of those times when you walked into a room and people were saying things you had no clue about so you look around, stared off in different directions till you are invited in or the subject changed. Inviting your listeners to be apart of whatís going on and removing those awkward moments will soon allow them to be on their way from the on ramps to the fast lane!


 Connecting to your audience is what makes radio great. Whether itís with the music, concerts, promotions or content of your show, you have the responsibility and the creativity to touch your audience in a way that other stations canít.


 Now with that thought in mind, as I listen to stations and coach air talent, thereís one common rule we keep forgetting that is causing a huge disconnect on the air. Treat each break like someone is tuning in for the first time. We are forgetting we have new listeners scanning the dial or checking us out and we have to provide them with on ramps to feel connected to the station and your show.


 I hear too many times, air talent referencing things on the station that if Iím a new listener I donít know what you are talking about. From teasing contest, prize sounders, other air talent, etc., there needs to be a constant form of communication to include anyone and everyone in the conversation. This is similar to the rule you may have heard about not referencing things in the studio the listeners canít see. Itís still radio and with the eye opening reality of PPM, the listeners are tuning out quicker then we ever realized because of a disconnect.


 The great part is it doesnít take a lot of extras words or even derail your content. The P1ís who already love you with not feel you are over explaining things they know or questioning their intelligence; however at the same time, reminding new listeners of who you are, why you do what you do or who/whatís coming up in 10 minutes can inform and inspire if done correctly.


 As an air talent, the creativity is in opening the on ramps with brevity and focus. Always knowing how to get in and out of a break allows the middle to carry itself so finding words that add a little definition brings more return listeners and makes you a better talent.


 Ace McKay is a Consultant and Talent Coach for Ace Books Consulting. He can be reached at