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Well seasoned in mainstream and CCM radio…  Miss Christian radio, dearly…  Currently a PD of a Newsradio AM/FM for over a year… Great city, but I am out of my call…  I have done it all from air, production, promotion, programming, second level engineering, ministry outreach…  I get various comments from our listeners on why I am not back in Christian Radio… I ask myself that!!!  I would like to be closer to my elderly folks who I have some responsibility for… I am open to ideas and possibilities… I have very STRONG references…  Shall we converse???  I am an original Way-Fm air and staff person (with them their first eight years)… (931)-982-2399 (or) spncrand@hotmail.com …  

Motivated to excel in media! Astute, bold, detail-oriented, and peppy with creative and imaginative ability in commercial copywriting/production skills with unique on-air talent. Eager to accept a position that provides opportunities to utilize professional skills and experience in the Broadcasting and Christian Media sector.  Derra (214) 200-6023, absderra7545@yahoo.com  

A great conversationalist, strong creative writing, on-air delivery.  Ambitious female broadcaster &  Persistent with Charisma!  Talented and entertainment-oriented, cheerful with good sense of humor and promotions ability. Seeking to express my faith through sports and music platforms to serve Him.  Jalyn (301) 642-9541, jmbarrett17@gmail.com

I have worked as the Mid-day DJ On Air Personality at 91.3 Hope FM in Palatka Florida for four years. I am relocating to the Norfolk, Virginia in a few months.  Christian radio is my passion and I am seeking to continue ministry in radio.  Contact me for resume and air checks.   Many warm regards,  Ricky Bybee Ricky.bybee@yahoo.com 386-538-6376

Radio broadcasting engineer looking for a chief engineer position with a contemporary Christian music station or small CCM group that values and appreciates its people. If your engineer is valued and paid nearly as well as your g.m. or v.p. then contact me with complete details.  broadcastradioengineering-at-gmail.com Please replace the word “at” and the dashes with the @ symbol before sending your e-mail. (I have to list it this way to avoid spam).

Veteran Radio Professional experienced in a variety of formats and various markets. Recently in Christian format. Looking to get back on the air pursuing my passion. Reasons I’m a good fit: Creative & generate fresh ideas, Promotion minded, Engaging & Entertaining on the air, Excellent show prep skills, Effective Communicator & Ability to share my faith in a natural and engaging way.  Feel free to call me and I’ll send you some sample audio mp3’s. (864) 593-2737

Good Day and God Bless! My name is Stephen Weatherby and I’m looking for a fulfilling career in Christian or sports broadcasting in the Northeastern Ohio regions (i.e. Akron, Canton, Cleveland areas). I’m not very experienced however I do have an intense desire to always learn and gain improvement. I am hard working and dependable with knowledge in technology as well as a background in sports. I have an extreme passion for Christian music whether it be in the Southern Gospel field or Contemporary. If you have any questions or would like to hear some audio samples, feel free to call me at 330.475.5031 or even email me at shwradio0677@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

My name is Jim Barto and I  have been the Director of Satellite Operations at Salem Radio Network for the past 16 years. I am proud of the work I have done, but feel I have more to offer.  I would like to continue working in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex for a station or group with a mission of not only creating a quality on air product, but one that is also working to benefit the community they are serving. I would enjoy any opportunity to speak with you via email, phone or in person about a possible position with your company. Write or call anytime at: srn_jim@yahoo.com or 214-697-0715.

Good day all! I’ve worked 19 years in major market #11 Miami-Ft. Lauderale in Christian Radio and my name is James Sheppard (89.7 WMCU,90.3 WAFG & 90.9 WLFE)! I’m looking for a full-time on-air position to represent Christ in a fun and relevant way. My experience includes Afternoon & Morning Show Host, Production Director, Music Director and Operations Manager. I’m proficient in digital audio production (Sound Forge, Vegas, etc.), iMedia Touch automation and Social Media Branding. Radio has always been a passion of mine and it’s an absolute joy to encourage the community of believers on the air! I can be reached for resume and air-check requests at 786-309-7535 or jamestheradioman@gmail.com

Hi. My name is Rick Hokanson and I am looking for a job. I really want to work. I am a hard worker and I like to learn. I wouldn’t have gone to school for Ministry if I didn’t enjoy learning, because Ministry is a field where you always have to learn. Something new is discovered. Something old is retranslated and the meaning of old texts is changed. You have to learn how the lessons of the Bible apply to people in 2016. Mostly I want to work with people and for people whose Faith is on the same level as mine. Who trust God implicitly. People who through faith are willing to give a hardworking and God-fearing guy a chance. If you are interested in that and in me. Firstly…Thank You! I appreciate your interest. Secondly…I have a resume I can send you and some aircheck files from my last job, although they are almost 2 years old at this point. Please feel free to contact me at one of the following. Email – rickhokanson@ymail.com

Hello! I am the perfect example of God’s grace and mercy, he took me a sinner, imperfect, & one who kept taking from others and not caring who was hurt in the process and turned me into an evangelist, with a love for helping people and just loving them unconditionally. One who wants to give unselfishly by using the talents God gave me all for His glory! I have 32 years of broadcasting experience, programming, music scheduling, production/imaging and coaching talent. Is there a place for me in Christian radio? I’m a passionate, fun-loving man of God who wants to take my personality, talent and experience and put it them to use while serving the community and a company like yours. Email me for demos and resume or feel free to call me at 713-853-7417. Blessings!

Veteran Radio Professional experienced in a variety of formats and various markets. Recently in Christian format. Looking to get back on the air pursuing my passion. Serving the Lord and sharing the Answer to listeners. Reasons I’m a good fit: Creative & generate fresh ideas, Promotion minded, Engaging & Entertaining on the air, Excellent show prep skills, Effective Communicator & Ability to share my faith in a natural and engaging way.  Feel free to call me and I’ll send you some sample audio mp3’s. (864) 593-2737

What do you get when you have a passion for radio and Jesus at the same time? You get ME…32 year broadcasting pro with programming, music scheduling, production & imaging, talent coaching and promotions experience. I am seeking a position with like minded passionate pros who want to serve the Lord with the talent He gave us to serve a Christian audience on a daily basis. I’m looking for a place to serve, to help, to encourage and a place to call home. Feel free to email me or call me at 713-853-7417 for resume and demos. Thank you and God bless you. 

On-air, Copy/Production, Administrative and behind the scene strengths.  Excellent customer service traits. Loyal and dependable, and fantastic work ethic. Pleasant, creative, works well with others, detail-orientated, punctual, takes direction well, willing to learn new and different ideas – and apply them! Seeking a Christian format where I can serve to be a part of the hands and feet of Christ to minister to others. Candice (817) 637-2027; cpoe0528@yahoo.com

I’m a 35 year broadcast veteran who wants to simply do great radio for the Lord.  I believe in having fun while being professional and relatable.  If you’re looking for someone who can lead in a management position or cut some great prod or do an air shift (music or talk) that will bring a smile to listeners then let’s talk.  I was recently let go by Salem due to budget cuts so I’m ready to go!  Thank you for your time! Collin Akin, 3345 Pebble Beach Drive #7, Conway, Ark 72034, 501.932.4645 collinjakin@gmail.com

Fun-loving on-air personality.  Creative copywriter and freelance voice talent, with energetic delivery. Assistant Music Director abilities, with a vast genre of formats and interests.  Topical, relatable, current content and show prep.   Donna (682) 472-8362; sundaemila@gmail.com

Heart for the Lord, and poised with strategic communication skills. Charismatic, listener focused, with strong On-air/Production/Copy talents, among other related opportunities.  Goes above and beyond expectations. Strong Christian values and faith! All things for his Glory! Philippians 4:13 Shalonda (214) 235-3353; shaywaggs@gmail.com

7 years at former Christian music powerhouse WWCM Radio(1985-1992,sold in 1998) then 18 years at WJR-Detroit (1992-2010 ABC Radio)as an Executive Producer of Talk programming, then 1 year at Salem Broadcasting-Detroit(2011), Now hosting my own podcast at ASoulencountered.com would be thrilled to be part of a team radio effort again! please reach out with questions or concerns at efsMichigan@gmail.com.

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