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If I were to launch a new CCM station in Wichita, finding the opportunities musically to separate ourselves would be tough.

With many CCM influences in the market from K-Love, Way-FM, Air1 and House FM, the Moneyball results are quite impressive.  While I am only highlighting Way and K-Love on the results, there is no question that Air1 and House FM have great effect on the titles that are consumed at CCM, with streaming and sales results to show for it.

Moneyball highlights momentum in music by detecting pre-existing exposure on songs that are gaining familiarity through other sources, whether that be competitive airplay, sales, streaming and when detectable, Shazam.

I repeat this most weeks that the opportunities to be competitive are always going to be in the Top 15 ranked songs, and finding the songs that your competition isn’t playing in a high enough category is a way to gain listeners, while exposing their weaknesses.

In Wichita however, the songs in the Top 10 are well covered by WAY-FM and K-Love.  While the market appetite for Hillsong United’s “So Will I,” shows heavy rotation would be accurate, neither station is far enough off to create an opportunity.

The first two opportunities are with MercyMe’s “I Can Only Imagine,” and “Grace Got You,” while ‘Imagine’ is not being played by the networks, ‘Grace,’ while getting airplay is quickly showing it is already ready to power.  

Mosaic MSC’s “Tremble,” is selling, streaming and not shown here, has healthy airplay from Air1, the only station in the market exposing this song, so with the results, this is opportunity.

The word from tracking calls is that Carrolton’s “Shelter” tests for anyone who has taken the leap on this song, and that is what has helped the song make the Top 15 in Wichita, with notable airplay at Air1 and Way-FM.

Lastly, one of the benefits of the Moneyball chart system is that it not only reveals hit songs early, based on their momentum, but it also reveals the perfect timing when it comes to retiring a song or sending it to recurrent, and clearly Crowder’s “All My Hope,” still charting in the Top 15 in Wichita, but with airplay from the networks being NONE or light, as is the case with K-Love, there is clear indication that this song can use more on air exposure without getting hurt from it, and quite possibly getting HELPED from doing so.

For this weeks National Moneyball Chart go here.


The Moneyball method is much more effective on the local market level, than it is on the National level, as the strength of Moneyball is to separate markets by their specific activity.

The Moneyball methodology doesn’t create an aggressive chart that is ahead of the market’s appetite, instead it simply highlights the titles that have traction based on several local city measurements from market airplay, sales, streams, and if available, Shazams, revealing present tastes, not future tastes.

The difference between the Moneyball Chart and a consumption chart is that Consumption Charts are positioned from the perspective of the record label, breaking down the many different angles that the end user is consuming their music from.

Moneyball is created from the perspective of the potential listener and the data is calculated based on a song’s existing market exposure.  This exposure or awareness of a certain title sometimes exists in the market,  even before the song begins getting airplay on the local stations.  Worship titles like ‘Oceans,’ ‘O Come To The Altar’ and others may get a spark from worship in a local church first, then being undeniable in local reaction for radio to not give those titles airplay.

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