Moneyball Market Spotlight – Evansville

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In Evansville, there are radio ministries like CFR, Christian Family Radio, WCFY LP 102.7 Christian Fellowship Church, as well as networks, KLOVE and WAY-FM.  While airplay from all these signals will lead to sales, streaming, spins and Shazam results, the side by side comparison this week is KLOVE vs. WAY-FM.

It is important to note that, while these two stations compete with each other in several markets, the results of Moneyball would look completely different in any of those other markets, than it does in Evansville.  And that is the strength of this charting system, which digs into local information to pull out specific, local results.

If I were to launch a new CCM in Evansville today, this would be my playlist.  Moneyball tallies information from already existing exposure of songs in this market specifically, and ranks them in the order of most exposed. 

The opportunities for the new CCM lie in the areas where the results don’t match airplay by either WAY-FM or KLOVE, for instance, HILLSONG UNITED is number one on this chart; WAY-FM has this song in Power, KLOVE has this song in Medium and growing, so playing this song as a power, could give this station an advantage over KLOVE.

Tenth Avenue North is still showing itself as a viable Power in Evansville, while both WAY and KLOVE have this song in a medium.  Playing CROWDER as a Power will give an advantage over WAY-FM, which has just started playing this song.

Tauren Wells represents another opportunity as KLOVE is all the way in on this, but WAY-FM is not playing, regardless of the local information showing clear signs that it has traction.

Daigle and Zach Williams’ Fear is a Liar show signs that greater exposure could benefit a new station, as the networks haven’t bumped FEAR up to where it will get to yet, and they’ve moved Daigle below the present appetite of the market.

MercyMe “I Can Only Imagine,” is now and EVENT song.  I would not miss the timing of this powerful movie with the natural elevation of this single, and I’d be playing both versions, packeted; one for familiarity, and the other for freshness.

Lincoln Brewster poses a strategic move, to play it but NOT as much as KLOVE is, but certainly grow it as your 14th most played title.

Lastly, as I first noted in the Atlanta custom last week, Elevation Worship’s “Do It Again,” would be a no brainer add.  MONEYBALL is showing early signs that this one will be as successful or more so, than O Come To The Altar.

For this weeks national Moneyball Chart go here.


The Moneyball method is much more effective on the local market level, than it is on the National level, as the strength of Moneyball is to separate markets by their specific activity.

The Moneyball methodology doesn’t create an aggressive chart that is ahead of the market’s appetite, instead it simply highlights the titles that have traction based on several local city measurements from market airplay, sales, streams, and if available, Shazams, revealing present tastes, not future tastes.

The difference between the Moneyball Chart and a consumption chart is that Consumption Charts are positioned from the perspective of the record label, breaking down the many different angles that the end user is consuming their music from. 

Moneyball is created from the perspective of the potential listener and the data is calculated based on a song’s existing market exposure.  This exposure or awareness of a certain title sometimes exists in the market,  even before the song begins getting airplay on the local stations.  Worship titles like ‘Oceans,’ ‘O Come To The Altar’ and others may get a spark from worship in a local church first, then being undeniable in local reaction for radio to not give those titles airplay.

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