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Top 25 Christmas Songs To Stay Away From

Top 25 Christmas Songs To Stay Away From

Using Christmas music as a gimmick for ratings gain when we are a ministry can be like walking a tight rope; dangerous!

Serving your P1 audience all year long, then giving up all that you built to go Christmas with the inclusion of secular titles has the potential to gain you great new listening, but will those new listeners find you captivating on December 26th when you have gone back to your real focus of CCM?

I understand the whole “Try us for 20 days,” a lot of us do coming out of Christmas music, but I am convinced this is ineffective promotion, as the music, which will be ultra unfamiliar to those who found you during Christmas, only to hear the Hope, the Jesus that we portray 24/7 in our music and imaging.

It’s a great attempt to keep those Christmas fans, just as the ballplayer who takes the hearty swing hoping to connect with the ball to knock it out of the park, only to find that he missed it altogether.  If you don’t connect, it’s a swing and a miss.

This week’s testing shines light on some of the lowest testing titles according to an audience that listens first and foremost to CCM year in and year out.  The amazing thing is that many secular titles that we play don’t score well, at all to our P1’s, who would rather hear about Jesus in the familiar, “Silent Nights,” and “Joy to the Worlds,” than the Grinch and Frosty and Rudolph.

While I only share the Lowest Testing 25 songs of more than 160 titles tested, if I were to give you the next 25, none of which come close to breaking a 4.0, you’d find secular radio’s number one testing Mariah Carey song as on of the 50 lowest at CCM.

It isn’t specific to title, but of specific version as Little Drummer Boy from For King & Country is enjoying Top 10 research nationwide at CCM, but Mandisa’s version finds itself in the bottom 25.

Francesca Battistelli and Sidewalk Prophets version of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” are in the bottom, while Lauren Daigle’s version is near the top.

It took me one year in CCM to change my mind from seeing Christmas music as a gimmick for rating’s gain, to the second year when I realized that playing Christmas music was not only a correct ministry move, but also great stewardship over your flock, your listeners, who by December 10th, if you weren’t playing Christmas, would have abandoned you for someone who was.

The key is the balance of ministry and music, in a time when the secular spirit of Christmas rivals the version we celebrate, the Birth of Jesus.  Without balance, the tight rope becomes a line we never should have been walking on in the first place.

May you pray for direction, as He is faithful to give it to you, always.

God Bless You!… Rob Wagman

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The Moneyball Chart Methodology

Instead of one chart that focuses specifically on airplay, the Moneyball Chart combines airplay with sales, streaming and research for the purpose of finding the Momentum in Music, which is most times the differentiator on songs that stall and the ones that continue to chug along.

The Moneyball Chart is created based on a points system, where each column of information can add a maximum of up to 10 points for that column, with the points from each column adding to the overall totals.

The Moneyball Chart is an indicator of songs that are working; songs that are bearing fruit and therefore the Moneyball Chart, may have drastic differences from the charts you have become accustom to, revealing some artists and titles in a higher position much earlier than they show up on the airplay charts, and also, often songs that have moved to recurrent on most of our playlists continue to show fruit indicating that we may have retired those titles too early.

The Moneyball system works Nationally, or locally, so if you are interested in seeing what this information looks like specific to your station, specific to your market and your competitive situation, let us create a custom sample for your station specifically.  Email Rob Wagman

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