Truth For Life Customer Service Manager

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Truth For Life is seeking an individual to manage the Customer Service Team, delivering an excellent customer experience from the point of inquiry/gift/purchase through to product/communication delivery. This position is responsible for for the quality and accuracy of service, customer satisfaction, team strategy, goals and metrics, performance monitoring, and oversight of systems.


  • Design an actionable plan to optimize customer care
  • Fully integrated contact center solution implemented
  • Customer Care team professional development plan
  • Contact Center and Shipping and Fulfillment combined into a single culture of Customer Care
  • Establish Customer Care culture including philosophy, vision statement, etc
  • Oversee accurate and efficient data management/entry
  • Complete understanding of donor database software functions

·         Strategic Skills: Able to think and plan logically and creatively to accomplish team vision and goals
·         Organization/planning: Able to establish, communicate, and execute new initiatives and strategic plans
·         Goal Setting: Establishes specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-targeted goals
·         Vision: Sees potential inherent in the opportunity of service and can establish a long-term goal/vision statement to see that potential reached
·         Creativity: Thinks outside-the-box to provide an exceptional, sincere, and memorable customer experience
·         Leading edge: Has an interest in developing technology and readily and strategically uses new opportunities to serve customers
·         Resourcefulness: Adopts new and creative approaches to overcome difficulties
·         Excellence: Desire to surpass ordinary standards of service, communication, and process
·         Independence: Takes full responsibility for team success and doesn’t rely on direction from others
·         Customer Focus: Orients all decisions toward customer needs, experience, and overall satisfaction
·         Coaching: Identifies areas for improvement and comfortably works with team and individuals to strengthen performance
·         Empowerment: Understands value of ongoing training, quality tools, and appropriate delegation of authority
·         Accountability: Willingly held (and holds others) accountable to service quality, accuracy, and progress toward goals
·         Team Building: Inspires positive team culture in which individuals rally behind common goals and genuinely appreciate working with one another
·         Ambition: Strong desire and determination to achieve exceptional service
·         Judgment/Decision Making: Considers objective assessment and subjective experience/feedback in decision making

Data/Transaction Quality

Communication Quality

Customer Satisfaction


Systems Management

Goal Setting, KPIs, Performance Monitoring

Daily operations of Shipping & Fulfillment and Contact Center

Fully integrated contact center initiative


Web portal



Feedback enabled mobile apps

Voice (VoIP) with call routing

Online Chat

Video Chat

Team Knowledgebase

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