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Wanted: Radio Station Manager for a small market independent, listener-owned and operated, commercial AM Station with Inspirational Christian format in Eastern Montana.  Must have at least 5 years of experience, be familiar with, and willing to participate in, all aspects of station operation, be able to effectively lead a small team of employees, interact with a local board and listeners, and direct the annual fundraising effort.  Salary and benefits depending on experience.  EOE. Send resume to

Job description for KGLE Manager:

The Station Manager of KGLE will oversee the day-to-day operation of KGLE Radio and participate in all aspects of station operation as needed to insure the successful execution of KGLE’s broadcast ministry.  The Station Manager will be accountable to the FCR Board of Directors which is responsible for the general operation of KGLE.  The Station Manager will attend all meetings of the FCR Board unless otherwise directed by the Board.  The Station Manager must be in agreement with the KGLE Personnel Manual.

Administrative Duties:

Maintain a solid working relationship with the other station employees with the goal of maintaining an effective and unified team.  Each team member should have a clear understanding of their duties and how to successfully accomplish their tasks.

Review monthly financial statements, co-sign checks as needed, authorize bi-monthly salary transfers, oversee staff schedules, work days and vacation time.

Insure that all FCC regulations are being met in a timely manner.  Special attention should be given to maintaining the online Public File with the FCC.

Work with Office Manager and FCR Budget Committee in establishing the yearly budget and Sharathon Goal.

Insure that the principles of Station Personnel Manual are adhered to.

Perform yearly staff performance evaluations.

Give a Manager’s Report at regular FRC Board Meetings and at the FCR Annual Banquet and Business Meeting.  Implement decisions made at FCR Board Meetings.  Keep FCR Board informed of developments at KGLE in between meetings.

Keep abreast of changes in broadcast requirements and FCC regulations.  Insure that KGLE participates in the triennial (once every three years) FCC Mock Inspection offered by the Montana Broadcaster’s Association.


 On Air/Production Duties:

Participate in the daily on-air schedule as needed, being fully familiar with the on-air system and competent to perform any task needed during an on-air assignment and to trouble shoot situations should an error occur.  Be familiar with requirements of, and able to respond to and operate, the EAS/CAP system.

Participate in the writing and production of commercial ads as well as program insertion and promo/PSA implementation.  Be involved in the selection and loading of new music into the automation system.


Public Relations Duties:

Write and sign monthly donor response letters.

Produce the weekly Manager’s Corner Program to keep listeners up-to-date on the happenings of KGLE

Lead the yearly Sharathon effort, working with the team to decide on a Sharathon Theme, Sharathon Verse and Sharathon Graphic to be used for the current Sharathon Year.  Write the Sharathon Letter and oversee the production of the current year Pledge Card. Write the information letter to notify FCR Members of the Annual Banquet and Business Meeting.

Lead the Praise and Prayer Time on the day before the start of Sharathon.  Organize and lead the on-air presentation of the two Sharathon Days.

Help to plan and participate in outreach activities where the station is represented, such as fairs, trade shows, station picnic, concerts, etc.


Technical Duties:

Working with the Operations Manager, insure that all equipment is functioning properly; address problems as they arise.  Participate in the monthly transmitter adjustment according to FCC regulations.  Insure that tower lighting is maintained and that a daily, visual check is made of tower light performance.

Implement a plan for monitoring the station and addressing any problems, especially during unmanned periods in the evening and on weekends.


Maintenance Duties:

Oversee the upkeep and repair of station equipment, facilities and property.

Other duties as requested and/or required by the FCR Board.

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