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New York



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Stacey's Career Capsule
Regardless of what Johnny (her husband and Morning Show leader) says, Stacey was not raised by wolves in the Alaska territory. It was Texas and hyenas, hence the radio career success. If you can call what Stacey Stone does work; she is in her eighth year of doing it diligently at WAWZ/STAR 99.1 in the New York Metro as Morning Show Co-Host and Director of Promotions.

The aforementioned hyenas dropped Stacey off at KYNG 105.3 “Young Country” in Dallas, Texas 18 years ago for an internship that lasted three days before she began part-time in Promotions. After five years at KYNG, Stacey moved on to KLUV, ABC Radio Networks and WFSH, The Fish in Chicago. Stacey’s grit and determination have been her best qualities and she credits her years as a twirler that dropped the baton a lot for building up the thick skin necessary to continue in broadcasting.

Actually, the only possible answer to this little Southern Baptist girl from Fort Worth, Texas ending up in New Jersey has nothing to do with Stacey telling God she will go anywhere as long as it’s not Africa but everything with her staying in His will. Psalm 115:1 Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory; because of your love and because of your faithfulness.


1. How has WAWZ evolved over the last few years?

Believe it or not, WAWZ will turn 80 years old on March 15th, 2011 so I’m glad that you asked about just the last few years. Celebrating 8 years on the air as STAR 99.1 this month was very eye-opening for the staff because God has taken this amazing dial position in the largest market in America and used it for His glory. When the board of Pillar of Fire, Intl. and station leadership stepped out of their comfort zone and created STAR 99.1, they knew not of the recession or congressional difficulties we were going to face. They focused on the individual that needs Christ and creating a radio station to reach them. So I would say that WAWZ has evolved with each listener who has dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ and was prepared for what was to come. Also, being listener-supported and a commercial station, WAWZ was always very prudent with spending so I highly recommend watching every dime of your listener’s funds because they are listening and watching.


2. What do you think are the main characteristics of a Christian radio Promotions Director?

If you believe that “No” is the worst answer you can get, you would make a great Promotions Director. Having started out in secular Promotions has helped me tremendously because whatever they call viral or guerilla promotions, we have to call necessary because of budget. I am a Christ-follower that does Promotions so I took that into my secular jobs and my Christian radio jobs; I don’t alter my beliefs to fit the job situation. A great Director of Promotions is good at relationships and hiring the right staff; that means making calls, sending thank you’s and not micro-managing.


3. What criteria do you require for a promotion to air on your station?

Because we are the only Contemporary Christian Music station with a footprint this size in the New York Metro, our competition in Promotions is seen as the Z100’s, PLJ’s and LiteFM’s of our world. Our promotions have to be at or above the level of the behemoths with five times the budgets of STAR. Our Sales Department has grasped this and brings great clients to the table that want to succeed with NTR. My belief is that any promotion can be placed on a Christian music station as long as it speaks to your key demo and their beliefs.


4. What kind of promotions works best for Christian radio?

The Programming and Promotions staff at STAR 99.1 enjoy the challenge of creating and pulling off the major promotion as well as the sales remotes. Our Celebration 2011 at Six Flags Great Adventure featuring MercyMe is the perfect example of all of the departments here coming together to present a picnic for 4500 and a concert for more than 8,000 this June. Anytime we can partner with record companies and stretch our brains to find new and exciting ways to do a promotion, that’s a winner. And that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our STAR 99.1 family of listeners is always a homerun.


5. What is the most memorable promotion you have been involved with?

You are talking about 18 years of Promotions so there are some pretty memorable moments. I refuse to take responsibility for the afternoon talent who decided hiding money in the public library books and sending listeners over to find it was wise but I have had a Garth Brooks wedding, listeners melting blocks of ice to win Smitty tickets and a producer swimming in a kiddie pool filled with canned chili. Yea, not much memorable there.


6. How do you think Christian Record labels can better serve Christian radio?

My advice actually goes both ways: if a Promotions Director tells a Record Company that they are going to do something, they need to do it. If a Record company says they are going to provide something or accomplish something else, they need to come through. Times are a changing around us quickly in broadcasting and label land so communication is key. I need to know if you can no longer send 30 CD’s because of a decision made above you and then I can work with whatever you offer.


7. In your opinion what are the biggest obstacles facing Christian radio today?

When you look back at the past and the level of obstacles that we have already climbed over, the future ones seem to fade. Obviously, web fees and anything Congress decides to enact is a threat to radio if they affect the bottom line that is more bottom than others. I believe that “thinking small” is the biggest obstacle to any Christian ministry or broadcasting company. I can’t wait for the day when a broadcast position opens up in a major market and it is heard in the conference room of the corporation that they want to hire a Christian air personality because they do it better and stronger than others. We can and will because we work for the ultimate Boss.


8. What do you believe is the primary role of the Christian radio air personality?

If you are not striving and excelling at doing radio, the person you want to lead to Christ won’t stick around to listen. You have a choice to make when you get out of the bed (which is 3:15am for me) and Johnny and I choose to recognize that God is in control and expects us to work at the top of our abilities. We are there for people who have no one else; we are the only voice that they hear in the morning and that is a huge responsibility. And, since my Station Manager is reading this, to build and execute Sharathons that fully fund the station.


9. What (if any) Christian radio station do you consider as innovators today?

There is this discussion that goes on at every Christian station in America when someone reads the answer to this question. “Can you believe that they left us out?” “Yeah, they must not know very much about Christian radio.” “The people they listed are listed every week and I’m sick of it.” “What has so-and-so done for Christian radio recently?” So, I will avoid answering and say that any broadcaster that reads Seth Godin’s blog and books and goes to the Q Conference is an innovator.


10. Where do you see Christian radio in 5 years?

If the music continues to grow in excellence as it has recently, the other genre’s won’t stand a chance. And with the Carmen Brown’s, Jeff Cruz’s, Bart Millard’s and Mark Hall’s leading the Social Media parade to new relationships, we are more bonded than ever and know more about each other than we should stomach. We can lead the industry in “what’s next” because we don’t have to fear what’s coming so I see nothing but great things for Christian broadcasters in the years to come. Maybe we’ll even make the Grammy broadcast…




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